18 Moustache Styles – The Official Moustache Guide

18 Moustache Styles The Official Moustache Guide

There are several moustache styles and men often carry off the style they love because moustache styling does not require as much effort as beard and is also more acceptable in the professional world.

You will find below, different styles to chose from based on your growth and preferences – 18 Moustache Styles

1. The Petit Handlebar Moustache

This is the younger version of the handlebar moustache, however, not in reference to age. This is the small handlebar moustache with the same amount of suave and precision in a smaller version for men with medium moustache growth. This style is for all age groups and suitable for all occasions. Because of its subtlety, this style is also acceptable in a professional environment. Read the detailed blog about this style too know what moustache and attire is most suitable for this moustache.

2. Fu Manchu Moustache

This is the classic Hollywood depiction of Asians, Chinese characters in particular. It is a classic style and although suitable only for elder men, it is a style one can opt for if the growth is particularly scanty. There are different versions of this look which have been explained in detail in out Fu Manchu blog!

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3. Imperial Moustache

This is the royal moustache, most suitable with the imperial beard. It is classic and vintage. This style is more so for mature men and college goers should avoid this style. Learn how to style and maintain this look in our Imperial Moustache blog!

4. The English Moustache

This is the classic English Gentleman’s style that has inspired several versions. It is a smart5 and elegant style that is suitable for a serious look. It is eye catching and does most of the charming itself! This style is perfect for men with a scanty moustache growth. Read our English moustache blog for more details regarding this style!

5. Dali Moustache

The Dali style is often even referred to as the magician’s moustache, made famous by several magicians of the older generation. It is a unique look and great for men with scanty moustache growth. The original version of this moustache is very quirky and often less loud Dali moustaches can be seen around in the form of smaller or shorter moustaches. This style is not the hottest fashion trend and can be carried off by men with a well defined sharp edged face structure like diamond shape. However, your face should also be narrow and not too wide.

6. Painter’s Brush Moustache

This moustache style has recently been brought back to fashion by several American T.V. shows and movie depictions! It is a smart and clean cut moustache for a serious look and great for an office environment. The moustache growth requirement is also medium and this many men can opt for this style. It is however a mature look and men above the age of 30 must opt for this style. It is a strong symbol of masculinity and discipline. If you wish to be taken seriously by your co-workers and boss, you should give this style a go!

7. Gunslinger Moustache

This is aggressive and strong moustache that best defines the untamed man of the hour! It is a strong style and attracts a lot of attention. Also this style is very popular with women. It requires a strong moustache growth and also good amount of maintenance. Read our detailed blog about the gunslinger for more information as well as styling t5ips and tricks!

8. Tycoon Moustache

The rich man’s moustache was once the symbol of wealth and absolute power. Although it is no more so, the style still maintains its status symbol in the moustache kingdom! This style is difficult to achieve and requires constant maintenance but is worth the pain! It is attractive and interesting. Definitely a conversation starter! Read our detailed blog for a closer insight on this style!

9. The Professor Moustache

The Professor moustache has ALWAYS been in fashion. It symbolizes intellect, which I a str4ong and attractive tool to impress your friends or even colleagues! It is a mature moustache style and although looks effortless, requires some amount of effort for maintenance. Learn how to grow out this thick moustache and its maintenance in our blog!

10. The Lampshade Moustache

This is a highly misunderstood moustache style. It is often ignored because it is too uptight; however, this is a very popular moustache style amongst stars. It is for mature men of an older age. But it must be kept n mind that this style is used in a more rugged manner. The moustache is not to be uptight but just lightly set in with your fingers instead of the comb. Also, you should make sure this style is not longer than your upper lip. It requires a lot of maintenance and precision but gives you a unique look as not many men opt for this style!

11. El Bandito Moustache

The classic El Bandito moustache is the one style that brought back moustaches in fashion. It is fun, elegant and makes men look really smart! It is suitable for all age groups but is very much in fashion for the younger college goers. Learn more about his style in our detailed blog!

12. Horseshoe Moustache

The horse shoe moustache is straight out a style for mature men and is elegant and attractive. But this style is very difficult to achieve and maintain! Learn the simple stepwise method to achieve this style in our blog.

13. The Handlebar Moustache

The Handlebar moustache is the king of moustaches! It is strong and aggressive. It requires a lot of efforts and is worth all these efforts because the final look is extremely charming. This style is suitable for older men but if you reduce the aggressiveness to some extent and tame it down, you may as well go for this style! Read our detailed blog for more updates about this style!

14. Pencil Moustache

This is the style of moustache that needs to be mentioned because it should not be brought back to the fashion streets! It is a precise and narrow moustache that requires really strong trimming and expert level styling skills with an end result that is absolutely not worth the effort. It is at best suitable for costume parties with a vintage theme and we hope it stays in the vintage era always!

15. Chevron Moustache

The chevron moustache is the classic man next door moustache. These were all the hype in the 70s and 80s. They are basic. You do not require strong moustache growth or styl8ing skills for this style. It is manageable and also a regular daily wear style!

16. Walrus Moustache

The Walrus moustache is an older version of the Chevron. It is for much older men and is a strict look! It requires precision and you may keep it a bit rugged to take away the sharpness of this style. The softer version of the walrus is much more in fashion.

17. Mistletoe Moustache

The Mistletoe moustache is a smaller version of the Dali and suitable for men with a scanty moustache growth. It is not a very popular style and is also one of the styles in our “avoid” list. But a slightly thicker version of this style has been creating a stir in the fashion world. Men with narrow faces and defined cheekbones may opt for this style.

18. Toothbrush Moustache

This is a style of moustache that is not suitable for anyone anymore. Well, one man had to ruin it for all men n the world for centuries to come! It is perceived negatively and with much contempt. Also it is a strict stern style of moustache.

Hope you enjoyed 18 moustache styles here.

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