The Vintage Tycoon Moustache

the Vintage Tycoon Moustache

The Tycoon moustache is a style that was very much in style and symbolized the wealthy right until the turn of century. It is however still the choice of moustache style for many men. This style is classy and rich. It is a symbol or wealth and experience. Let us learn more about this style.

The tycoon is a medium length and thickness moustache but with very definite shape. The edges of this moustache are clean and sharp. There is no rogue moustache hair and it is absolutely put together. It is a style for the elite and thus not expected to be deformed even at the end of the day thus this is kind of a high maintenance style that requires a strong amount of moustache products.

This style begins with the growth. The growth is supposed to be of medium thickness and length. It is very closely similar to the petite handlebar moustache. You need good amount of natural beard or moustache oil to enhance the growth and once you have achieved the desired thickness you will require your moustache/beard wax, moustache comb, trimmer (optional) and scissors. For this style your scissor game should be strong.

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Begin by either using a trimmer to trim your moustache to an even length or use a pair of scissors along with the comb to achieve the even length. Use the comb for guidance regarding length. Once the hair is of even length, use oil first. Apply a light coat, barely 2 drops is enough just to serve as a protection cover from the wax. Use moustache wax/mousse or even beard wax will do. Gently rub it between your thumb and index finger. Place it at the centre and move the thumb and finger in opposite direction. This moustache has a narrow end. Thus, once you have shaped it, use a pair of scissors to first chop off the rogue hair that do not settle in with the rest. Next, use your thumb and index finger again to shape, but this time twist and pinch the ends in a mild upward wave at both ends. This will help you achieve the look. If you feel the moustache needs to be narrower, you may again use your scissors to cut off the excess moustache.

The wax needs to sustain all day and hold your moustache in place so use a sculpting wax. It is harder but keeps the style intact all day long. This style is difficult to be carried off on a regular basis because it requires a lot of expensive products as well as may lead to some amount of damages on account of excessive use of products. It is great look for short duration or maybe some event. This look is mature and suitable for older men. It requires a lot of effort and precision. Also, this moustache by itself is not very appealing. It should be styled with the circle beard, anchor, goatee, imperial or Verdi.  This style is not for clean shaven or stubble styles. Also it is not suitable for men with bigger faces. It is great for formal occasions and absolutely unacceptable for casual outings.

It is for older men who enjoy that elegance and love beard/moustache grooming. You can convert this style into a petite handlebar or gunslinger by just getting rid of the product and styling it a bit differently.

This style is high maintenance but carries with itself a vintage charm that symbolizes the rich class.



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