Gentleman’s Look Book: The English Beard

While we are all well acquainted with this style most of you might have not realized it is called the English Beard. This is the favorite style preference of Walt Disney. He was most often spotted sporting this style with a clean shaven look. Thus this style is associated to charm and friendliness made popular by Walt Disney himself!

This is one of the most basic moustache styles that looks very effortless but requires a good amount of precision and experience with bearding tools. Here is all you need to know about this classy moustache style!

This style has several versions of which the Walt Disney style is most popular and best version in fashion. Originally this style comprises of two sleek moustache tails starting from the Cupid’s bow, running in opposite directions and narrowing down towards the ends. However, this style has undergone style revolution and the English beard you should opt for is the Walt Disney English moustache.

This style is a great look for mature men. However, men beyond age 25 can easily pull this off. However if you are younger, you need to ensure that your moustache growth and facial features match the elegance and maturity that this style demands.

To get a English Beard you must start off by growing out your regular moustache. Apply beard oil, especially on the cupid’s bow region. The main body of the moustache is heavy in this style and thus the centre should grow out well. Once your moustache starts growing out, use a trimmer or scissors, whatever suits you, or even both to acquire the required shape. The ends are distinct. Let us understand how it’s done:

The lower moustache line will be parallel to your upper lip-line. Use your upper lip for the shape. Use your trimmer along the upper lip for the required shape. Make sure it ends not further away from the ends of the upper lip.

As for the upper boundary of your moustache, use your trimmer to narrow down the end starting from the mid-point of your moustache and trimming it in a downward sloping direction to meet the lower boundary of your moustache. Thus, you must start with the lower boundary and then go for shaping the upper.

The English Beard is great for office looks and can be pulled off professionally. While here are many beard styles that will go with this moustache, clean shaven look is best if you belong to an older age group. Van Dyke, Balbo, Imperial, Anchor, Ducktail, Stubble etc. will all suit this moustache but once you add in the beard, this is no more a professional look.

It is important to trim your beard daily and use scissors to get rid of any excess moustache hair going haywire and spoiling your style. This is a bit high maintenance as you need to trim it daily and also use beard oil to maintain the style as well as thickness. You may also need to carry around a moustache comb to ensure the style stays intact throughout the day! This style has been adopted by Hollywood celebrities often as it is a classy and suave style that represents nobility. A definite must try and also not very difficult to master!



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