Get The Perfect Look – Goatee Beard With Moustache!

Goatee beard and Moustache Look!

Well let us first begin with the basic difference between a soul patch and a goatee. A soul patch is the one wherein you have a patch of beard growing on your chin that is detached from your mouth entirely. In case of a goatee the growth is around your mouth as well. Thus goatee is a style with thicker growth requirement as compared to a soul patch as the area of coverage is more.

Goatee is a cool style for men that do not have a patchy growth around the mouth. It is better than a soul patch as well because it gives a more bearded look than what a soul patch does. Also the growth and maintenance is easy. You just need to take good care at stubble stage itself with regular beard oil and hygiene maintenance. Like a soul patch, the goatee cannot be styled right from its inception stage. So let’s say you need a circle beard, you will have to grow out like a basic beard around your mouth and then trim it to style. The area of beard coverage is more and thus you need a basic beard to work with and end up with a cool goatee style.

Professional Goatee style beard with mustache

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As for the moustache, if you are opting for a basic moustache you may just let it take its natural course of growth and later taper the ends with the help of a trimmer. If you are opting for a moustache style you need to start shaping your moustache as it grows out. Suppose you want a handlebar moustache, on a daily basis use some beard oil to taper the ends and then curl it upwards in the direction that you want your handlebar to grow. For a circle beard you will let the moustache grow out naturally in downward direction and then use a trimmer to give it a circular shape. You may use children’s sketch pens for tracing out the shape you want which makes it way easier and also the ink can be rubbed off easily with soapy water.

As for the maintenance of this style, you need regular trimming. Use an automatic trimmer and make sure it is an electric one with adjustments for the blade. Along with that you need to use good amount of bearding oil and make sure it’s as natural as possible for the best results. Do not use too much or you will end up with a greasy face that will clog your pores and prevent your beard growth.

This style is great for men of all ages but goatee is something that older men would carry more often and is thus a more mature look but you can always opt for cooler and younger goatee styles that suit your face.



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