5 Easy Steps To Achieve The Controversial Horseshoe Moustache

The Controversial Horseshoe Moustache

This style is edgy and also risky. It is not a style that you will find around every corner and here is why: First, it is hard to master this moustache style and it requires precision. Second, this style is tricky as it may or may not suit your face structure, lifestyle etc. Let us get to the bottom of this moustache to enable you to style it yourself!

The horse shoe moustache is named so because it resembles a horse shoe and the method to achieve this look can be divided into 5 easy steps.

Step 1

You need to grow out a full beard or a circle beard. Your beard need not be too long so about 2mm is just fine, so let’s say medium length stubble will do.


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Step 2

Trimming the beard is the next step. You should ensure that the beard and moustache hair is of equal length. Use a trimmer with adjustable blades. This style is suitable for medium length moustache or even a bit thicker.

Step 3

Shaving the beard is the next step. The safest bet is to use a clear shaving gel. That way you can line the exact shape and be able to easily identify the lines along which you shave.

Step 4

In this step you need to wash your face clean and use a trimmer for the finishing touches. Make sure the edges are clean and sharp. In case the edges along both corners of chin are not sharp, shave it off and grow out a circle beard or full beard again meanwhile maintain the length of the moustache.

Step 5

Use scissors to get rid of any rogue hair and also regularly apply beard oil to maintain the style as well as increase the growth.

This style has two variances. The basic style is one wherein the moustache extends along both ends of the chin up to about 2-3 cms or even less, as long as it extends beyond the lip line. Another version is a more aggressive style and comprises of a horse shoe moustache ending at the jaw line. This is an all-out horse shoe moustache style and requires a nice strong growth as well as greater precision with the shave. This style is often paired with a nice linear goatee or sole patch. Both styles will not be acceptable in a highly professional environment. However, the complete horse shoe is much more informal than the partial, which may still be accepted in some organizations.

To maintain this beard you must simply ensure you trim regularly as well as use beard oil for nourishment to enhance the growth. This style is difficult to master but much easier to maintain. It requires some level of practice and it is always better to try for a complete horseshoe at first so that if you screw up, you can easily opt for a partial horse shoe.

This style is great for a mature moustache look. It strictly requires the beard to be non-existent or in the form of stubble. Thus men who do not enjoy strong beard growth can opt for this look. This look is as much a statement with casual attire as much it is with formal, as long as formal is not the necessity but just a theme. It is a classic style carried off by many Hollywood celebrities and symbolizes maturity with some badass attitude!


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