Petite Handlebar Moustache – The Best Moustache Style

Petite Handlebar Moustache 2017

The petite handlebar moustache is a more mature version of the handlebar moustache. This style is carried off by mature men and not so suitable for college goers. It is also acceptable in corporate world and is one of the very few styles that is not considered unprofessional in most organizations.

The petite handlebar, as the name suggests is a handlebar moustache but smaller rather shorter. Petite means small. While the handlebar reaches almost the mid region of your cheeks based on your personal preference, this moustache is considerably shorter. It barely reaches your cheeks and some men take it just about 1 cm beyond the nose border. Another point of difference is that this moustache is not so curled up. It is mildly styled upwards just forming a wave, unlike the handlebar moustache.

This moustache is usually medium to thick. It requires good amount of beard oil for styling and maintenance. Most men that carry off a handlebar moustache for occasions prefer this style for regular routine. Reason being that this style can be easily transformed into a handlebar moustache just by growing out both ends and curling it further. Men with narrow face shall opt for handlebar and flaunt the style just perfectly. Petite handlebar is for almost all other face structures. It is versatile and goes well with face shapes. Also this style will go well with circle beard, Bandholz, Verdi or even clean shaven look. It is versatile but only for the mature styles. It will not go so well for younger looks like anchor. Verdi and Imperial are best beard styles for this moustache.

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Let us learn how to achieve this look-

This is very similar to the handlebar except that it is shorter. You need good nourishing which can be achieved by using natural beard oil or moustache oil. Also it is very important to comb the moustache in shape as it is growing. You need to locate the centre of the moustache and comb in opposite outward directions from the centre. This will ensure that the growth of your moustache is also in the same direction. Once it starts reaching your nose region, start curling it a bit upwards. Make sure that the shape you twist it in is a wave and not a complete curl. This style is merely an upward wave. The important thing to remember is that while the ends of petite handlebar moustache are narrow, they aren’t entirely narrow. The moustache is of medium thickness and tapers only at the ends i.e. the wave. You can use beard oil and twist the ends upwards for the look. You may also use beard wax to ensure it is set right in and the style stays put for the rest of the day.

It is important to maintain proper hygiene by keeping your moustache clean and also your comb or all other equipments involved.

This style is suitable for more mature men. This however does not mean that younger men cannot pull it off. It is important to remember that this is a mature style and will thus go well with mature clothing. So you should not carry this off with lose, ripped denims and t-shirt. A shirt with trousers or suits, jackets, even sweater is a good style that compliments this look.


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