13 Royal – Imperial Mustache Styles For Men

The Royal Imperial Moustache

Royal – Imperial Moustache For Men In 2019
Royal – Imperial Moustache For Men
Royal – Imperial Moustache Style For Men In 2019
The Royal – Imperial Moustache.

This moustache style is as royal as it gets! It is elegant, sophisticated and very much in fashion! This style is more so for the mature men who have probably crossed their 30 years. It is a cool style that easily becomes the talk of the town and grabs you all the attention.

The imperial moustache sits perfectly with the imperil beard. Along with this, it also goes well with Verdi or Anchor beard. It is a bit on the brutal side and thus for more mature men but at the same time, one must know that this moustache is not acceptable in the professional world. This style is charming and peppy.

Royal – Imperial Moustache Style For Men
The Royal – Imperial Moustache

Imperial moustache is rugged and aggressive but at the same time, precise and neat. This style requires a thick moustache growth as well as good amount of product to maintain the style. So let’s begin:

You need a strong moustache growth for this style. You can enhance your growth by using natural oil regularly but it is important to remember that your growth can only be enhanced as much. You cannot go fro9m scanty moustache to a thick bush. Keeping that in mind, you can also use your beard oil to spread out your existing moustache to appear thicker than it is.

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Once your moustache starts growing, you need to start shaping it on a daily basis. Because this style requires a thick moustache growth, you need to make sure it is maintained properly. On a daily basis you must snip off rogue moustache hair, trim it to ensure the length remains same throughout as well as apply beard oil for styling or even beard wax based on the thickness. It is much easier to get the style under control for a longer time with the help of moustache wax. Use your thumb and index finger to create the curved ends. Also, use your index finger to tap down the main body or mid-region of your moustache. This will help you attain thicker looking moustache. This moustache is thick enough to cover the entire region between your nose and lips.

This style is great for mature men, especially for the salt and pepper look! It is a lazy style and yet requires precision because this is a tamed style. You cannot have a bushy growth with untamed and aggressive hair. This style is great for family occasions as well as vacations!



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