3 Easy Steps to Achieve the Handlebar Moustache

Handlebar Moustache Style

Handlebar moustache is all the rage and here are 5 easy steps to achieve the look. The steps will be easier to follow on a growing moustache rather than a fully grown thick moustache. If it has gotten thick, you will need precision with your trimming.

Here are the 3 Easy steps to achieve the handlebar moustache

1) Make sure you start off with a clean and dry face. You need to get rid of oiliness with the help of a nice face wash and then towel dry it well.

Steps to Achieve the Handlebar Mustache

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2) Next you need to trim off completely the moustache hair right under both the ends of your moustache to create the handlebar edge. Only the hair in your cupids bow area that grows out to both ends will be used. For this what you need to do is lift the moustache hair that has roots on the upper part of your bow and trim the hair that has roots at the edge of your upper lip.

3) Use your fingers to part at the centre and comb your moustache. Now, trim off the excess at the top and on your lip.

Finally you may use a good quality moustache wax to curl up the ends and get a clean handlebar moustache look using your fingers.



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