Soul Patch And Moustache Style – The Cool, Edgy & Charming Look

Soul Patch And Moustache Styles

The popular celebrity beard style, this soul patch And moustache style that works well for men of all ages from young college guys to the older men with salt and pepper beard. It is a cool edgy look that has a charming appeal to it and is not going out of style anytime soon. If you have a patchy or scanty growth, well this style will help you elevate your look in the best way possible!

There are several versions of this style and The Zappa is one such version. The best thing about this style is that there are no fixed rules regarding the length or width or shape of the beard as well as the moustache. The style you opt for will be based on your growth. If you have a strong moustache game you can keep a short soul patch and if you have do not have proper moustache growth, keep your soul patch under control too. This basically means that the aggressiveness of your soul patch and moustache should match or be less than that but never more otherwise your moustache will end up looking all the more feeble.

Now as for the growth aspect of it, you can let the soul patch and moustache grow out in a certain shape from its stubble stage or even growth stage. You do not need to grow out a beard and then trim it down to a particular style. Start with easier shapes like a rectangle or triangle. Men also opt for small circles but that is something you should avoid, it’s a fashion faux pas. You should start off with a larger coverage area so that if you make any trimming mistakes, you can just reduce the size of the patch. An easy technique is to use kids sketch pens on your face. Once you are done it will easily wash out with some soapy water.

As for the moustache, if you are opting for a basic moustache you may just let it take its natural course of growth and later taper the ends with the help of a trimmer. If you are opting for a moustache style you need to start shaping your moustache as it grows out. Suppose you want a handlebar moustache, on a daily basis use some beard oil to taper the ends and then curl it upwards in the direction that you want your handlebar to grow.



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