Everything You Need To Know About The Professor Moustache!

Professor Moustache!

The Professor Moustache originates from the old English style adopted mostly by the professors. It was made popular through depictions in movies. It is a mature style and most suitable for older men. This style is just perfectly classic for professors. If you have crossed the age of 35 and wish to edge out your moustache style, then this look is for you. You can easily revamp your personality with this style.

The basic requirement for this look is a nice thick moustache growth. A strong growth is very important to carry off this style. It is a thick grizzly moustache that is rugged and yet symbolizes discipline and chivalry. This look will make you escalate your appearance and look much more mature as well as dependable.

For this you need to really grow out your moustache. Beard oil and regular massage will help attain a stronger growth. Beard oil works great for moustache growth as well. However, if you have scanty moustache growth, this style is not for you. Trimming regularly helps the moustache appear thicker and darker. Salt and pepper style also works well for this look.

This is a grizzly style; rough around the edges. The moustache will almost cover your upper lip but if that is not comfortable for you, you may keep it shorter such that it ends right at your upper lip line. It is relaxed towards the ends and thus thicker. The centre is crimped to resemble a bow tie structure. This is easy to achieve with the help of merely moustache oil. The best aspect of this style is that it does not require expensive moustache wax, regular trimming, shaping or many efforts for maintenance. Also, you are ready to go in an instant.

This style is classic professor look and thus goes well with shirts, v-neck sweaters and trousers. It also goes well with blazers for semi-formal event. Although this is a professor look, it does not bode well for formal occasions or meetings. It is a casual laid back yet disciplined style. Despite its semi formal nature, oxfords, brogues or derbies are the choice of footwear you must opt for.

If you do not enjoy a strong beard growth then the Professor Moustache style is perfect for you as this moustache is a style statement in itself. It is great for a conservative and mature look that can be achieved effortlessly.

It can also be merged with an anchor beard or sole patch for a sharper and cleaner look. But the beard that best compliments this moustache is Bandholz. This grizzly moustache is the perfect companion for the Bandholz style beard which is the grizzly beard counterpart. It is a cool look that is highly casual and unprofessional. Great for a laid back style!



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