13 Sharp Vintage Handlebar Mustaches For Men

The Vintage Handlebar Moustache 2017

Extreme Curl Vintage Handlebar Mustache
The Vintage Handlebar Moustache
The Vintage Handlebar Moustache.
The Vintage Handlebar Moustache Style For Men In 2019

Handlebar moustache is a classic moustache style that has been brought back to the fashion world. It resembles a handlebar and is thus called a handlebar moustache. Both ends of the moustache are tapering and curved upwards just like a handlebar.

This style is elite and symbolizes elegance. It was a style for the noble and even today brings along elegance. You do not need strong moustache game for this style and is thus the ideal look for men with scanty growth. It is a narrow style and the elegance lies in the precision. Also, it is a style that requires a lot of commitment. Let’s get started with the growth and grooming for this look.

The Vintage Handlebar Moustache Style For Men
The Vintage Handlebar Moustache For Men

You need to begin with growing out the moustache hair. The styling for handlebar begins from day one. Once you achieve a medium growth, you need to apply moustache/beard oil for better growth. As the ends of your moustache start growing out you must, regularly, start curling it upwards. Now it is convenient to achieve this style with the help of scissors rather than a trimmer. Use you scissors to ensure both ends of your moustache are narrow. However the real trick here is not trimming the moustache hair but shaping it the right way. Ideally, the narrowness should be achieved with the help of beard wax/mousse. You should ensure that the products you use are all natural as this style requires large amount of consumption. On a daily basis you will require the wax to keep your moustache in style. Once the shape is achieved, you can switch to beard oil if you feel that is effective enough to hold the style.

The Vintage Handlebar Moustache For Men In 2019
Perfect Vintage Handlebar Moustache

There are two styles for this moustache. The classic style is a narrow moustache with even narrower handlebar ends. For this style you can either use trimmer or scissors to slim down your moustache or use a good amount of product like moustache/beard wax. Take a good amount of the product for a thicker moustache. Rub it between your index finger and thumb. Locate the centre of your moustache. Starting from the centre, apply the wax by starting from the centre and then moving your thumb and index finger in opposite directions. Use some more product to curl up your ends and twist simultaneously for best results. Use a comb over your product for a better finishing.

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The second style is much more in fashion and casual. In this case, only the ends are twisted, curled up and narrow. The centre region remains pretty thick. So you need to apply product only for the ends. In this case beard oil is enough and this style requires much less product as well as maintenance. Use a comb to comb down the mid region of your moustache for the perfect finish. But comb it down and outwards from the centre in opposite direction.

Thus you have the additional responsibility of maintaining hygiene. Moustache is right around your mouth and it is thus important that the products you use are of good quality and natural. You should wash it well to get rid of the entire product before you are off to bed. If you feel that the wax has caused any damage, use natural oils to nourish your stache. Use coconut oil or even just natural coconut milk right out of the fruit, to nourish your stache. Leave it in for a few minutes and then wash it clean. It is also important to wash your moustache comb well, daily.

This style sure requires more attention but the look is worth the effort. If you wish to keep this style only for a special occasion then make sure your entire shape is achieved by using good amount of moustache wax. If you trim it short with scissors then either you will have to maintain the style or get rid of the stache all together.

This style goes well with almost all beard styles. Goatee, Verdi, Imperial, Stubble or even clean shaven look! It is elegant and classy so you can carry off this style with an absolutely clean shaven look. Men with scanty or patchy growth can easily opt for this style.


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