Ways To Master The Famous El Bandito Moustache In 2020

El Bandito Moustache style

El Bandito Moustache is probably the most popular moustache style and also the one that brought moustaches back in fashion! It is the classic El Bandito! This moustache is very elegant and smart. It is also a style that is suitable for all age groups. Thus from college goers to office goers, this style is great for all your looks!

This is the classic Spanish moustache style that comprises of a slim moustache with curved up ends. The style is easy to achieve and also does not require much maintenance. It is a great style for men with not a very strong moustache game.

The El Bandito is the perfect moustache style with the Imperial beard as well as the Verdi. This moustache style is surely the “go-to” for these beards. Also, this style is great with stubble and goatees. A clean shaven look with the El Bandito is indeed a classic style and a quick trick to ensure you are always trending! This style will make sure you grab all the attention and enjoy any look from shorts to suits.

Let us learn how to achieve El Bandito style:

This style requires slim moustache. Thus, make sure your moustache growth is maintained. If you have a strong growth, you must trim it down to keep it slim. It is important to use beard oil regularly to ensure that you can start shaping it from the start. It is important to master the perfect curly ends of this moustache by using beard oil between your thumb and index finger.

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You can either use beard wax or any strong beard product to obtain the style or you may keep the ends slimmer by trimming or snipping off a bit and then simply use beard oil to achieve the shape. It is always advisable to avoid daily use of strong beard products. However, if you wish to carry off this style only for one particular occasion, you may use wax and achieve this style and then go back to your daily moustache.

This style is preferable for men with a narrow face structure because it comprises of a slim moustache. Also men with a strong and well defined jaw line can opt for this style.



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