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5 Steps To Apply Moustache Wax Effectively & Effortlessly

January 6, 2018

Moustache wax should be used from the moment your moustache hair starts growing out. It not only helps you style your moustache but also helps in keeping it out of the way so you can enjoy all your food and drinks without looking sloppy!

Here is How to Apply Moustache Wax Effectively:

1) You need to first ensure that your moustache is clean and dry. You can either start off after a bath or at least wash your face properly.

2) Main ingredient for moustache is beeswax so once you take some in your fingers, it will melt really quickly. You need to take very small quantity depending on your moustache.

3) Next, you need to identify the look you’re aiming for and start off in that direction. You can start by middle parting the moustache hair at the very centre of your cupid’s bow and then use your fingers to rub your hair out from the parting, in opposite directions.

4) Once this is done, you may opt for another coat of the wax or leave it be depending on the roughness and look. More wax will ensure that the style lasts longer and through any weather abnormalities. Also, you can really tame the beard very well with more wax.

5) Finally, you can use a tissue to clear the area of your skin around your moustache if wax got out. This is a very important step as the area of skin covered in wax will sweat more.


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