Everything You Need To Know About The Beard Wax!

what is a Beard Wax

Beard wax is basically a styling product that is used in the similar terms as beard mousse, butter and sometimes even oil. Beard oil is however more of a nourishing product than styling. Beard mousse is creamier and lighter but also not as long lasting while beard sculpting butter is comparatively over efficient to the extent of mild discomfort at times. Beard wax is the perfect balance.

The right beard wax is the one that will easily melt when rubbed between your fingers. That is the basic trick to identify if it’s all natural or not. Another trick is that application of beard mousse and butter can be easily done by dipping comb in the product and then combing the beard but in case of wax all you need to do id rub it between your fingers and gently use the fingers to comb the beard.


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Wax adds density and makes the beard look thicker. It also makes it looks shinier. Apart from this the beard wax often lasts the whole day even through extreme wind and weather conditions. Unlike mousse and butter it will not make you sweat excessively or melt in the heat. wax is strong and has a good hold. Just make sure you apply it on a clean and dry face and wash it off each night when you apply!


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