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Face Shape Guide To Choose The Best Beard Style For You!

June 24, 2019

Let us discuss the face shapes – Square, Round, Triangular, Oval, Oblong, Heart and Diamond. All face structures can generally be categorized into the above mentioned categories.

Let us understand various face shapes and also the best beard styles which suit each shape.

1. Square face structure is characterized by and angular and square chin. You can chose to either highlight on your angular jawline or make it look softer. Both looks will go well with your face shape. A scruffy beard or beard with hard lines, longer or triangular goatee will highlight your strong jawline. A beard with soft lines and faded effect with a round sole-patch will make your jawline look softer. A moustache will add character.

2. Round face is characterized with fuller cheeks and rounder chin. Your beard should be able to make your face look slimmer. Trimmed beard with hard lines and a strict moustache will help you get the look.

3. Triangular shape is also known as the ‘pear shape’ due to its heavier and angular chin. Your beard should balance your narrow forehead and your wider jawline. A trimmed full beard is the perfect look.

4. An oval face structure is characterized by a slightly wider forehead as compared to chin but the length being almost one and half times bigger than the width. You can rock any look so your beard aim should be to experiment and take advantage of your versatility.

5. An oblong or rectangular face structure is long but a bit sharp around the edges and more defined corners as compared to oval. Your beard should be able to make your face appear a bit shorter and angular. This can be achieved with the help of a full grown but trimmed beard. Designer stubbles are for you.

6. Diamond structure is widest at cheekbones and narrower towards the forehead and chin. Your beard will help you cover up your prominent chin with the help of a full grown beard or a French beard. Goatees will also do the trick accompanied by a moustache.

7. Heart face structure is characterized by wider forehead and cheeks but a narrow and almost pointy chin. Your full beard and scruffy beard will help you balance the broader upper face with narrow lower line.