5 Ways To Fix Your Patchy Beard – Experts Guide

How to Fix a Patchy Beard

There are basic quick steps to fix a patchy beard which can easily be followed as a drill and requires a quality trimmer which can be adjusted, a razor maybe. Now, most men cannot grow out a full beast beard and the beard you grow out is usually patchy. This is because a patch of your hair grows slower than the rest or a patch just doesn’t grow out enough beard hair. In this case, you can fix the patchiness by creating the illusion of an even growth till the beard grows out in the slacker areas!

5 Ways To Fix Patchy Beard Easily

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Also, some areas have thicker hair growth as compared to the rest and that further highlights the patchiness or scantiness. Even if you are growing out a full beard, this trick will help you get through the initial patchy days and in case of most men, it is not possible to grow out a full beard on account of work obligations, you guys can easily use this as your regular look.

Here are the ways to fix a patchy beard?

1) Start off with a clean and dry face.

2) Adjust your trimmer to say about 5.5 mm for a grown out stubble length.

3) Trim your beard properly. You may adjust the trimmer to a 5.5 or even 6 for areas that have thicker growth just to make it blend into the rest of the face. But don’t go too crazy or you will end up trimming out the whole beard.

4) Use a razor to give better edges and finesse to the beard especially around the cheekbones. Finesse gives the appearance of a full grown beard as it sets the distinction between clean shaven region and bearded region. This trick is really neat and comes handy. You will notice the difference in your appearance immediately. The gradation beard is not for you if the growth is scanty.

5) Trim out the excess around your neck as well. Anyway the neck hair appears darker if you have beard growth around the jawline and the neck region because when you keep your chin straight ahead, the beard kind of overlaps and appears dark and thick. You should trim around your neck well if you have a double chin or broader jawline. Otherwise a basic trim is good enough; there is no shade in a bit of highlight if it looks good.

Once you are finished, you will have a nice even out beard that appears less patchy and with potential to become a thick full beard!



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