An Elegant Step Ahead – Extended Goatee Beard


The signature Ryan Gosling style, Extended Goatee Beard is essentially the look that helps him raise the room temperature every time he enters! This style is elegant and classy. The best part about this style is that it favors the scanty and patchy growth.

Extended Goatee Beard style is essentially not acceptable at work place but if you can get away with certain exceptions then this look will work for you. So it is great even for men with an aggressive growth who cannot really grow out the beard aggressively because of work restrictions!

Thanks to Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Leonardo Di Caprio, Pierce Brosnan and several such charming celebrities, this look has gained a celebrity status. Also, it is surprisingly convenient to style as well as maintain this look.

Let’s understand what Extended Goatee Beard look is all about. You need to start off with a goatee obviously as the name suggests. This goatee should extend along your jawline towards your ears and that gives you the extended goatee. Usually as it moves towards the ears, it narrows down. Also, this beard should not exactly reach your earlobes. Using gradation technique or sharp edges, you need to trim this off before it reaches your lobes.

This look is great for men who do not enjoy a strong growth. Also, it goes well for men with rounder faces who wish to make their jawline look more angular or defined. A moustache adds spunk to the look and thus is a part of the style. The Horseshoe moustache goes well with this look. However this is a tricky moustache as it is required to be slim and perfect. Use scissors along with the trimmer and even razor if that bodes you well. Start by making a thick horseshoe with well-defined borders so you can establish the shape. Then you can start making it narrow parallel to the borders established.  You can always opt for a regular beard if this seems tricky for you.

As for the goatee, now this is where it differs from the regular goatee. Here in the stubble stage you will use your trimmer to outline the shape you want. Around the lower lip you will trim out the excess hair to create a goatee by creating an inverse beard triangle at from the center of your lower lip. This triangle will then be attached to a thicker of beard along the jawline, resembling a chin curtain. This patch will be thicker at the base of your chin and as it moves towards your earlobes, it will get slimmer till eventually it disappears. The gradation can be achieved with the help of adjustable trimmers. The trim should be closer as you move upwards. You can also opt for the sharp clean look. In this case the length of beard will be consistent and you will clean shave the excess beyond the shape. Men often attach the beard to the lobes too but that is a version of this style. The original look does not reach the lobes or the side burns.

The goatee region must not be too long as it is a goatee. The point of attraction is the jawline traced by the extended goatee and not your goatee. You can make your jawline appear strong by clean shaving instead of gradation technique. This works great for men with wide or round chins. In fact, goatee is a great style for men with very wide chins. It helps cover up the chin patch to a certain extent.

As for the maintenance of this look goes, you may have to use the trimmer on alternate days based on your hair growth. It is important to apply beard oil regularly. You don’t need a beard wax as there is no shaping involved but you can use the beard oil or mousse to ensure there is no weird beard hair sticking out of the beard. Always carry around a comb, especially for your moustache.

This is a smart young look yet it carries a sexy charm. Thus this look is suitable for all ages and also a very versatile look. Many offices accept this style and also it is great for any casual event. however it must be noted that for casual looks you can opt for the gradation style, otherwise your go-to is clean shaven style with the extended goatee.

You should not opt for Extended Goatee Beard look if:

  • Your work place is very professional and disciplined
  • Your growth around the chin area is scanty
  • You are not good with defining the jawline
  • You do not use the trimmer regularly
  • Your jawline is very round


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