Best Beard Styles for Men

Here is a list of the Best Beard Styles you should be knowing about in 2020

Full Beard Style

The hottest and masculine Full Beard Style is getting popular these days. Growing a full beard takes time, dedication and commitment. But just growing a full beard isn’t easy, one must also know to maintain a full beard. Check this out  6 Proven Tips To Grow a Fuller Beard  to get the best beard tips. The full beard style is surely the sexiest beard of all, so you must grow one!

Modern beard style

With classic to modern beard styles, beards have a come long way. The modern beard style is much more stylish and enjoys a lot of attention. Also it is always a good idea to experiment with your looks and try different beard styles. So this time go bold and try the modern beard style for a modern look.

Cool Beard Style

So if you’re done being hot now, let’s try something cool? This season opt for a cool beard style and take your style game to the next level. How about trying a cool beard style like this one?

Teenage Beard Style

So this style is popular among the teenagers who are actually no longer teenagers. We mean, now that you’ve started growing a beard you’ve officially entered adulthood. Yes, the time every young boy waits for is finally here! A teenage beard style is such that will you help strike a perfect balance between youthfulness and adulthood. So rock your teenage beard style with a short beard or a mustache. Enjoy this period and be patient with your beard growth.

Trendy Beard Style

Are your someone who loves to be updated and keep up with trends? Then, the trendy beard style is for you! Trends keep coming and going and so do our beard trends. Wanna know what is this season’s trendy beard style? Have a look below!

Latest Beard Style

Flaunting a beard has now become a cool style statement. Everyone wants to grow a beard these days. Also, not to forget beards make men look extremely hot and attractive. The latest beard style is also the same-hot and attractive! So check out this latest beard style now…

Circle Beard Style

A circle beard is a variety of the goatee where the mustache and facial hair is connected and wrapped around the mouth. A circle beard style is a clean, neat and stylish one. The best part about the circle beard style is that it’s easy to grow, trim and maintain unlike other short or long beard styles.

Classic Beard Style

A thick beard that is not too long nor too short, a classic beard style is the best for the one’s who are blessed with good facial hair. Also if you have a square jawline then it would be like a cherry on the top. So if you’re up for a bold, dapper yet classic look then you must opt for the classic beard style.

Long Beard Style

The long beard style is becoming everyone’s favorite lately. Not all men can grow a long beard but the one’s who do surely got a lot of patience we’ll say. Also it takes a lot to pull of the long beard style without making it look messy.The long beard style is manly and sexy and a good hairstyle makes the look even more attractive. Keep your hair short or tie it in a man bun so that your long beard gets all the deserved attention.

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Thick Beard Style

We’d say you’re lucky if you’ve got a thick beard rather than a patchy beard growth. A thick beard style surely makes a man 10 times more attractive. The dark, thick full beard is sure to grab all attention. Thick Beard styles are a fortune and the best way to express gratitude is by putting it to the best use!

Mustache Beard Style

Take your beard game to the next level by adding a mustache to it. A mustache beard style is the one you can rock with either a short beard or long beard. Choose the right mustache beard style that suits your face and enjoy all the attention.

Long Hipster Beard Style

A hipster beard style is teamed up with a twisted mustache that is usually thick and bushy, also well groomed! Got an inconsistent hair growth? Then you must try the long hipster beard style. Growing a long hipster beard will not be easy, it needs a lot of patience and dedication but in the end it’s all going to worth it.

Bushy Beard Style

Want to add some texture to your beard and hide those bald patches? Then you must grow a bushy beard. Exaggerate your jawline by bushy beard style. A bushy beard style is easy to grow and also gives you a very mature look.

Medium Beard Style

Someone who doesn’t want to rock a long or short beard style must opt for a medium beard style. A beard style that strikes a perfect balance between the two. With a medium beard style you can enjoy all the perks of having a not so long beard and a not so short beard. A nicely trimmed medium beard can steal a lot of hearts for sure.

Long Grey Beard Style

Grey is a sign of maturity and embracing a long grey beard style will surely make you stand out from  the crowd. There’s nothing like a good beard that makes one stand out from  the rest. A long grey beard style will look sexy when carried off well. Thus, choosing the right beard style is important as it can either make you look like a 70 year old grandpa or a 40 year old handsome hunk.

Full Long and Thick Beard Style

Growing a full long and thick beard is difficult but definitely worth it. This amazing full long and thick beard style saves you from the awkward patchy growth. This beard style can be rocked by strong and macho men. A short haircut or man bun would perfectly complement this beard style.

Gentleman Beard Style

Wish to look like a real gentlemen? Then you must give up on the rugged and messy beard. The gentlemen beard style highly screams class and elegance. The sharp and clean gentlemen beard style works best for professional occasions.

Professional Beard Style

Rocking a rugged beard at workplace in next to impossible. But if you wish to rock a beard you must try the professional beard style.This beard style works well in several organisations. A professional beard style is not only neat and sharp but sexy as well.

Trendy Short Beard Style

Not a fan of long beards? Then the trendy short beard style is for you! The cool and trendy short beard style is perfect for anyone who wants something low maintenance yet trendy. This beard style works well with the teenage and young group of men.

Anchor Beard Style

Anchor beard is a combination of several facial hair styles and techniques. It is a blend of Chinstrap, Goatee and the Handlebar mustache. All of which are shaped to perfection until they resemble a ship’s anchor. The anchor beard style might seem a little tricky and needs a lot care and maintenance but in the end its worth it . So give it a shot!

Black Men Beard Style

We are already a fan of the black mens fashion now its time to rock an amazing beard style that will add to the look. The Black Men Beard style is bold and sexy. The Black Men Beard style will up your style and personality. There are a plethora of beard styles for black men to choose from so choose your best!

Stubble Beard Style

Every beginners first favorite beard is undoubtedly the stubble beard style. This is a fast, easy and low maintenance beard style. Adopted and loved by a lot of men, this beard style also makes women just swoon over men.

Short Stubble Beard Style

The short stubble beard style is basically for men who are growing out a beard. If you have scanty or patchy beard growth then it might be a little tricky for you. But the short stubble beard style is sharp and also looks smart. So this sharpness will help to cover up the patches and make the beard look more dense. So don’t think much and give it a try!

Medium Stubble Beard Style

The medium beard style is the first step towards the full beard. A bit longer than the short stubble. It requires you to let your hair grow only up to a certain size where you can effectively trim it just slightly into a medium shape. The medium stubble beard style suits all face shapes and can be carried off by anyone anywhere be it to college or to a date.

Long Stubble Beard Style

The last member of the stubble family is the long stubble beard style. If you’re planning to grow your beard long, then the long stubble beard is the very first stage you’ll have to pass through. Trim and maintain the long stubble right and be ready for a classy yet elegant look.

Goatee Beard Style

A Goatee Beard is a cool style for men that do not have a patchy growth around the mouth. The Goatee beard style incorporates the hair on the chin and usually the upper lip. It is comparatively easy to grow and maintain. The Goatee Beard style is extremely sexy and popular among the young men.

Anchor Beard Style

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Short Beard Style

The summer and office friendly beard, the short beard style looks classy when styled right. With not too of efforts required, the short beard style can be rocked by anyone. Short Beards are easy to grow, style and groom. So if you’re don’t want the long rugged beard look you must opt for a short beard style.

Short Hair & Beard Style

A great beard looks great when your hair complements your beard. A bad hair, great beard may spoil the whole look. So if you have short hair we’d suggest go for a long beard style. This way your long beard would get all the necessary attention and your hairstyle won’t steal it all away from you. Pairing up short hair with beard has been trending over the years so you must try it too.

Beard style for short haircuts

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Fade With Beard

A fade with beard looks absolutely stunning without a doubt. The trendy fade haircut when paired with a sexy beard will up your look. This combination can make anyone look effortlessly stylish.

Crew Cut With Beard

The crew cut with beard combination is the perfect choice to make when looking for something minimalist and masculine. The crew cut does not go well with all face shapes so it’s better to identify what works for you and what doesn’t. When opting for a crew cut choose a short beard style rather than a long one. A short beard style paired with the crew cut will give the perfect masculine yet sexy look that you are looking for.

Crew cut with beard

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Undercut With Beard

Want to try something cool and trendy? Pair an undercut with beard! The amazing undercut when paired with a short beard just looks absolutely sexy. The undercut hairstyle is a popular one and pairing it up with the right beard might just add an oomph to your appearance.

Grey Hair With Beard

The grey hair is a great sign of maturity and a well lived life. And now it’s time to rock the grey hair in style. The grey hair when rocked with a beard leads to a sexy combination. The only thing you need to remember is that you must opt for a trendy haircut and a neatly trimmed beard.

Pompadour With Beard

The extremely trendy and cool pompadour hairstyle that adds the “pomp” to your hair must be rocked with a beard. A beard that will add some style and sexiness to your look. A pompadour with beard combination is undoubtedly the best and you must give it a shot.

Top Knot With Beard

Are you already killing it with a top knot? If yes, then pair it up with a long beard style. The top knot and beard combo is not for everyone but does stand out from the rest. Want to keep up with trends, then try the amazing top know with beard to up your style game this season.

Man Bun With Beard

We are already crushing over the man bun and now that we’d see the sexy man bun with beard we’d go crazy for sure. The man bun with beard combination goes hand in hand and it looks great on the bold and hulky men. More and more men are opting for long hair now and for all the right reasons. So rock a long or medium beard with the sexy man bun and be ready to grab all attention.


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