5 Remarkable Features Your Perfect Beard Trimmer Should Have!


There are several beard trimmers in the market and here is how you can make the perfect one-time investment for a quality beard!

Here are the 5 features every Perfect Beard Trimmer should have!

1) The trimmer absolutely must have adjustments! Usually ranging from 1 to 5, these adjustments will mark the closeness of the trim with 1 being the closest. This adjustments is to ensure that you can get precise trimming in different patches if you want to opt for a soul patch look or a Van Dyke or even a goatee.

2) The trimmer should be a two-in-one i.e. it should have a smaller blade which was originally for moustache but is also used for trimming goatees and shaping up different styles.


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3) The trimmer should be light weight as a heavy one may cause a slip up and ruin your beard as well as spoil your precision.

4) It should have a strong gripper. This point is often ignored but when you are out to buy a trimmer hold it in your palm and just identify the one that feels most comfortable.

5) Chargeable trimmer are better than constantly adjusting the wires and working around it. Just charge your trimmer and you are ready to go. It is also better than a battery one as batteries do leak and it is hard to actually understand when it’s time for a new battery. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of a trimming process because of dried up batteries!


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