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How To Style Chin Strap Beard With Moustache – Beard Styling Guide

June 24, 2019

Men with oval or round face often put in efforts to make their face look longer. Also men with a heavier chin attempt to make it look narrow. For this the perfect solution is the chin strip beard with a handlebar moustache. This look is very much in fashion and has always been.

How to get Chin Strap beard look?

From the centre of your chin, grow out a beard and keep the rest shaven. You may grow out a wider patch like a complete soul patch on your entire chin and then trim it to shape once it grows out but basically this look comprises of a narrow vertical beard strip from the centre of the chin to its bottom. Basically you need a chin strip beard.

Chin Strip beard with a moustache

For the moustache, you need a handlebar moustache. But don’t keep the ends too scanty and curved. A regular moustache curved up into a handlebar will suit well.The moustache will add more maturity and definition to the look.

This look is perfect for men with round faces or heavier chins like heart shape faces. It takes the heat off your chin and cheeks;also the narrowness of the strip makes your face look narrower.