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7 Important Things That You Need To Know About A Beard Oil

June 24, 2019

Beard oil is essentially a beard product. It is nourishing oil for your hard earned beard that compliments growth and look.

Here are 7 important things that you need to know about a beard oil.

1.Beard oil is used in very small quantities, usually just 3-4 drops for a medium growth and more as per the beard.

2. It may be used for shaping up and styling as well. Since its oil, it doesn’t disappear in bad weather conditions as well and nourishes your beard longer.

3. It ensures you don’t develop any flakes around the skin covered with your beard also known as ‘beard dandruff’, by maintaining moisture and nourishment.

4. It smells good and the scent often lingers all day long. You should own a great smelling oil as it is the scent you will carry around all day long.

5. It can be effectively utilized for your moustache as well for nourishment and styling instead of moustache wax.

6. It is light weight and disappears into your beard. You will not be left feeling sticky all day long.

7. It improves the growth and also makes the roots stronger ensuring you do not go through hair fall especially since we understand how difficult it is to grow out a beard!