4 Basic Steps To Achieve A Perfect Neckline Trim

Perfect Neckline Trim

For men growing out a beard denser than just designer stubble, you will need to learn how to achieve the perfect neckline trim. It is not advisable to trim your beard line around your jaw. Here are 4 easy steps to achieve the desired look easily. The first thing that you need to know is that the neckline beard will end at your Adams apple.

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1. Place one finger over your Adams apple. Use that as a margin to guide you for your trim by trimming the area beneath your finger.

2. As you move towards the sides from the Adams apple, that margin will get distorted. Look sideways and tilt your head a little downwards. You will identify a line forming on account of the angle of your face. Use this as a margin.

mens style tips 2018

3. Trim the excess hair beyond the margin. You can either opt for a clean shave beneath the established margins or use gradation technique by trimming out as you move downwards for a more rugged look.

4. Remove the hair between your ears and side burns. Do not ignore this region as it is important for a clean look.

These steps will simplify your beard routine for a good look!

mens style tips 2018
4 Steps to achieve a Perfect Neckline Trim
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4 Steps to achieve a Perfect Neckline Trim
Here is how to achieve a perfect neckline trim in 4 easy steps!
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