7 Benefits Of A Neckline Trim Beard You Should Be Knowing

7 Benefits Of A Neckline Trim Beard You Should Be Knowing

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A neckline trim is basically a trim that ends around your Adams apple and not along your jawline. Here are reasons why a neckline trim is a must!

Here are 7 Benefits Of A Neckline Trim Beard

1. Hair on your neck creates an illusion of a defined jaw. Although people believe that a jawline beard does this, ideally a neckline trim does. This is because your jawline trim will focus attention on your lower neck as it creates two distinct parts while the other will keep the concentration on your jawline as beyond it there will be a soft gradation.

2. A soft gradation around your neck also creates the illusion of a stronger jaw as a beard is often related to strength and masculinity.

3. It will make sure your double chin is covered well and will not throw light at it. Make you look slim.

4. Trimming your neck will make it easier for when you grow out a thick beard. If you shave it off till your beard grows out, growth around the neck will not match the pace of your beard and will spoil the bearded look.

5. For balding men who would like to shift the attention of people, your neckline trim will help keep the attention on your beard. Most Hollywood actors with a balding look carry off this look and it works really well.

6. A jawline trim bring all attention to your neck and essentially makes it look bigger. This throws off the facial proportion.

7. Finally, a neckline beard trim is a skill and thus not a very common sight. It will make you stand out!

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Benefits Of A Neckline Trim Beard
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