Garibaldi Beard -The Perfect Beard For Hunky & Muscular Men

Best Garibaldi Beard Style

Garibaldi Beard for Hunky Mens

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The Garibaldi beard is strong and macho. It goes very well for men with a larger frame say for guys with height of more than 6ft. And a worked out weight or just broad body structure. This does not imply however that the style is not suitable for men with a smaller stature. In fact it will help alter you impression if you opt for this hunked out style!

The Garibaldi beard is much like the Dutch beard but with the added complimentary moustache. The moustache in question is the semi-horse shoe cum circle beard moustache. Basically it is just a very slim moustache attached to the beard without much of an angle. It is easy and also elevates your look.

As for the garibaldi beard, you require a way stronger beard growth. Check out our blog about the Bandholz beard wherein we have discussed in detail the 5 tricks that will enhance your beard growth. The same hacks can be used to enhance your moustache growth.

The Garibaldi beard style is however achieved a bit differently. This style has a rectangular bottom and to achieve this growth pattern what you need to do is work on your trimming. As your beard is growing out, it will be narrow. The tapering bottom will then start crossing your jaw line and that is when you start shaping it up for the Garibaldi beard style. At this stage, you must ensure that your neck also has a good or at least a decent beard growth. So here is when you stop trimming and shaving your neck region. This patch of beard will support your main forefront garibaldi base.

Garibaldi Beard -The Perfect Beard For Hunky & Muscular Men!

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Next you take your index finger and thumb to pinch out both ends of the beard to give it a rectangular or at least a wider base rather than a tapering one. As the beard gets longer, use a pair of scissors and comb or a trimmer to shave off the bottom of the beard in a straight line. This will get rid of the tapering patch and give you the rectangular bottom. As the beard grows, it will do so in a rectangular shape rather than a tapering one.

There is a small trick that you can use here. Once you snip off or trim off the bottom narrow patch of your beard, use some beard oil and your fingers to curl the base inwards. This will ensure your neck beard and jaw line beard are connected properly for the proper growth direction.

Once you have achieved the desired length, just use beard oil as well as mousse or wax to maintain the shape. Make sure you maintain your beard style and hygiene. Check out our 5 step daily routine for beard style maintenance for the best and most long lasting beard style.

Men who are on the heavier side of the weight machine should avoid this style as it makes them appear fuller. However, for the rest, it is a strong mature look. While college goers should not opt for this style, the others surely can go for this uber masculine style.



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