13 Duck Tail Beard Styles – The Sexiest Beard Style Trend Of 2020

The Hottest Beard Style of 2016 – Ducktail Beard Styles

Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt have often been seen carrying around ducktail style of beard and it sets them apart in the most rugged manner possible. The Ducktail beard is a very convenient beard style that enhances your face structure and irrespective of what your structure is, it gives you the slimming and long appearance. This style is surprisingly not very difficult at all and truly creates a stir.

The important requirement in this case is a strong beard growth. Now there are styles like anchor or chin curtain that do not require a strong growth and thus can be pulled off by all but this style in particular requires thick and long beard growth. This can be achieved with the help of natural beard oils and proper maintenance of your beard. But it is very important to be reasonable about the growth and if you have a scanty growth, this style is not for you.

Duck tail Beard – The Sexiest Beard Style Trends

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This is a bearding style that does not have several versions and looks. It is not a subjective style. It is one basic look and the style directs you exactly how your end result should be. We have all seen a duck’s tail right? It is tapering towards the end but much thicker and rounder at the base. That is exactly the shape that you need to imitate. Thus your beard growth will be strong around your cheekbones and your beard will extend beyond your chin but once it crosses the jawline, it should taper in. Now you have the option to taper it in really slick but for a rugged or out-of-bed look, you should keep it a bit more relaxed and just narrow not slick.

Let’s start off with the growing.  For ducktail beard look you need a full grown beard but it need not be very dense and thick. So let your beard grow out naturally and trim regularly to maintain same length throughout. If you have a round face or you are very chubby, keep the length of your beard around your cheeks shorter. This will make it appear slimmer as well as give you the proper ducktail shape. It is important to maintain hygiene especially as the beard gets thicker. Beard oil is a must to improve quality of beard. Also, your base point should be a stubble.

A moustache goes well with ducktail beard style. Usually the moustache should be long enough to reach your beard for the best look. This is a very complete and aggressive style statement. However, make sure your moustache is not very thick. Keep it of medium density/thickness. Your attraction is the beard, not the moustache.

This style is clearly a very casual style. It goes great for casual parties and events. You can even carry this off with a tuxedo as much as you can with shorts. There is not much maintenance involved except the regular trimming. No shaping is required. However, keeping the beard clean and oiling it regularly is important. For a party or event, or even an important date, you must use some beard wax or beard mousse and slick it in a bit. This will help to keep the beard under control all day long. it is very important to carry a comb around.

This style is easy and can be pulled off by even amateurs with not experienced and practiced bearding skills. Acquiring the shapes in circle beard and anchor beard is comparatively harder. Also, this style is versatile. However, this is a mature look. Middle aged men often carry off this style. It is a sexy and suave style that grabs a lot of attention. A good pair of sunglasses helps complete the look.

The style is not for you if

  • You have scanty beard growth
  • You have patchy beard growth
  • You are a professional and go to work daily where beards are strictly not allowed
  • You are in college or just too young for such aggressive looks
  • You do not regularly shampoo or oil your beard
Ducktail Beard - The Charming Beard Style
The Sexsiest Beard Style Trend Of 2018


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Hottest Beard Style of 2016 – Ducktail Beard


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