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3 Really Cool Ways To Strike The Van Dyke Beard With Complete Ease!

June 24, 2019

Van dyke Beard is in fashion and also suitable for almost every occasion for every face type. You need to start off with a clean and dry face as well as beard. Also you will require a bit of a thick beard, say about 2cm long. The important thing to remember is that you cannot grow out a Van Dyke, you can shape up a regular beard into a Van Dyke.

Here are the 3 cool ways to strike the Van Dyke Beard with complete ease!

1) You need to decide the length of your moustache and then trim from both ends of your moustache up to your jawline in a straight line, downwards. Let’s call this the margin. You can trim the excess hair on your cheeks, beyond the margin. This look goes well with a handlebar beard, in that case your margin will be drawn from the end of your cupids bow.

2) Next step is to pull down the margin continuing it from your jawline to the end of your neck from both sides. However as you extend it to your neck, the margin will slant inwards along your face shape. You can just follow the shape of your neck or take your chin up and trim at a semi-circular angle.

3) Next step is to connect both margins in a straight line, along your neck. It cannot be too long. You may go for a clean shave below this margin or gradation but in case of a van dyke, clean shave is the right way.