13 Hottest Heavy Stubble Beard Styles for Men

What is heavy stubble and how can you grow it out right

Know It All – Grow A Heavy Stubble The Right Way

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This is the most casual beard of them all. You cannot call this a formal or office wear look. It is rugged, cool and also a bit tricky as there is a very marginal difference between heavy stubble and a short beard!

Heavy Stubble Beard Style For Men In 2019

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Heavy stubble grows up to a length of about 1.5-2cms beyond which it is recognized as a short beard and is no more a stubble! So you need a good trimming game by ensuring that you have a trimmer with adjustments for closer trims as per your convenience. Also, the area of coverage may be random if you are going for a casual rugged look. In that case you may as well let the stubble grow as per its natural course. If you are, however, on a date you must make sure it is edgier and has a cleaner look by shaving off surrounding areas clean.

This stubble is an important phase for men who wish to grow out a full beard. At this stage your hair growth must be even and for that purpose you need to keep nourishing your beard with the help of natural beard oils and regularly trim the patches that grow faster to match the overall growth. It forms the base for a good beard growth.

Also, this is the most convenient phase to deviate from full stubble into styles like soul patch and chin curtain or even anchor. This is because you have a good enough length to make the style highlight without looking awkward.

This stage is ideal to try different styles of moustaches. It complements the stubble very well irrespective of the style of moustache you opt for!

And now for the tip – Apply beard wax at this stage and you will look like you have thicker stubble. This is because wax gives consistency and weight to the beard and makes it look darker as well as thicker covering up patches, if any!



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