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Everything You Need To Know About Beard Balm

January 6, 2018

A beard balm is different from beard oil. It is essentially a leave in conditioner for strengthening your beard. It will condition and moisturize your hair as well as strengthen it for a better growth and reduced hair fall. Also, usually it comprises of well scented natural ingredients which always keep you smelling good.

A beard balm is a bit heavier as compared to other beard products. It is also referred to as a beard wax at times or even beard butter. There are two main types of beard butter – sculpting balm and conditioning balm. The sculpting balm is heavier than conditioning and its main purpose is to sculpt your beard, as the name suggests. It gives your beard the required mass to shape it up as per your preference.

A conditioning beard on the other hand, nourishes your beard to make it stronger. It also provides volume for styling but not as much as a sculpting balm. However it still holds well all day long.

Apart from this, it also makes your beard shiny and controllable. It helps you tame your beard especially rogue hair and thick beards. You can also use it for your moustache instead of a specific moustache wax.

It is essential to care for your beard as a commitment and beard balm helps you achieve the same with much less efforts and much more control.


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