5 Step Guide – Beard Trimming Made Easy!

5 Step Guide-Beard Trimming Made Easy!

The First Step Of Perfect Beard Trimming Guide

Beard trimming serves two main functions – it helps you get rid of extra bushy hair growing all over and it helps you maintain a short beard or stubble. In this corporate culture it is important to maintain a trimmed beard in the right size. You would not want to look unprofessional with a scruffy full beard.

You want to start off with the idea – How do I want my beard?

Understand what is your choice of end result for your beard and then you can plan out the trim accordingly in phases. Starting off with the sideburns, then the moustache area, the chin and finally the cheek area. Once you finish this cycle you move towards the neck, starting from the top of your neck moving towards the bottom. Also, remember to shave off the nape of your neck or the back area of your neck!


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You should know the exact style that you wish to adorn and then plan accordingly. For a heavier bearded look, obviously you need a full beard first. And for a stylish look like designer stubble or van dyke look you need strategic hair growth.

The basic trimming rule is to trim safely which is easier said than done. But one basic tip is to trim only when you are fresh and have the time to do so. Don’t trim your beard when you are fatigued or in a hurry. That will end up damaging your whole look and drain your efforts invested in growing out a beard in the first place.

The 2nd Step Of Perfect Beard Trimming Guide

Trimming beard is not effortless. Clean your beard first, use beard shampoo or regular shampoo if that suits you. Towel dry it well. Most men try trimming the beard when it is wet which is a rookie mistake. Once you dry your hair out only then you understand how your face looks and what area needs trimming. You carry your beard dry and that is the right way to estimate the look when you are trimming. Let your beard dry out well.

Brush it out evenly to get rid of knots of any kind. Make sure you comb your beard with a narrow toothed comb. Once your beard is all set and ready you may start off with either scissors or trimmer as per your choice.

As for the decision for the look, if you are unsure what will suit your face be sure to check out our articles that will help you out with the same however a neat trick is to try all the styles out by growing out a thick beard and then gradually trimming off from a fully bearded look to a goatee. That will give you an exact estimate and you will get to enjoy several look and gain several compliments!

The 3rd Step Of Perfect Beard Trimming Guide

Let us understand the power tools in this stage:

The best stubble trimmer will have adjustable blades with setting from 1 to 5. For designer stubble it is ideal to use a trimmer because scissors can never get you the even length you need and trimmer can be set at a lower or higher setting depending on what look you need. For a closer trim use a lower setting which means that a lower setting is like a close shave. Be sure you use the trimmer right and get a good quality one or else you may end up injuring yourself.

You may also directly snip with the help of beard scissors but again this step must be done when the beard is completely dry! Only then will you get a clear idea of any lose or rugged hair and areas that require a trim. Use a nice quality beard comb with scissors to lift and pick out the exact patch that requires trimming. While using scissors you need to move in layers. Do not randomly snip off hair. Go from top to bottom and ideally the beard should be narrower as it gets to the bottom!

The 4th Step Of Perfect Beard Trimming Guide

Make sure you have cotton and an anti-sceptic along when you start trimming. Take time and plan your look. Plan your entire trim in stages.

The 3 Phases to trim your beard

Phase one will be to get rid of the patches with excess hair and levelling your beard. You should get rid of the excess hair with the help of a good pair of scissors and the levelling ideally with a trimmer. however men who are good with scissors may use a scissors and comb for levelling as well!

Phase two will be to plan out and execute your major trims like neck area and edges around your side burns. This is tricky as this does not depend on the style but your face structure. The density of beard on your neck and sideburns will depend on the shape of your face. Men with rounder faces should opt for slimmer side burns and a trimmed neck region but do not have the neck clean! Men with longer faces may opt for fuller side burns as well as neck region.

Phase three should be to clear off the edges or go for a faded look as per your requirement but basically to highlight the shape and the final touches. Shaving the beard also requires technique unless you want a clean shave in which case you must trim it first and then shave as you regularly do.

These three phases to trim your beard helps you plan out the actual trim. You must trim in this order only as this is the most scientifically effective method to trim the beard. Even once you finish the trimming, you need to again check your beard and go through these phases in a checklist form to ensure that the look is complete and efficient.

The Final Step of Perfect Beard Trimming

Now, how to shave the beard for a bearded look?For identifying the neck line to shave beard, imagine a line right below your adam’s apple connected to both your ears making a curve. The area beneath this patch should ideally be clean shaven. Use foam and razor for this patch unless you are a beard trimming expert. Around your cheekbones, use the lower line of your bone to identify the line along which you need to shave.

Once you finish trimming, comb your beard and find out the fly away hair which sticks out at a weird angle. Get rid of it by trimming. That will definitely ruin all your pictures and make you look untidy. Finally take a good look at yourself, feel proud of what you have achieved, take a selfie and share it with us!

Even if you make an error, remember you can always grow it out again and there are several styles to adorn even if to just cover up a wrong trim. Keep your moustache right to compliment your beard. Use a nice moustache trimmer for a cleaner cut and perfect shape or you may use scissors if you are confident with your hand movement. Most men use their beard trimmer for the moustache which works out just fine.

Most importantly, flaunt your bearded look right! We need more men with beards!



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