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The French beard styles are the most popular men’s beard styles. This is because it is easy to grow and maintain.

The most basic one is grow out a moustache connected to a curved beard under your chin with hair around the lower lip. No sideburns and no beard around the neck or jawline. It gives your face a soft shape. Several celebrities also opt for this look as it is easy to maintain and versatile. Your facial hair can be black, white or even salt and pepper. Irrespective of the color you can rock this look.

Another French beard style comprises of the sole patch. The sole patch is basically a small goatee-like patch of hair under your lower lip. It is often cleared out around from a full beard. Even with an otherwise clean shaven look or stubble, the sole patch is in itself very fashionable and elegant. You can pair it off with a nice moustache.

Salman khan french beard style

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Amitab bachan French Beard Style

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French beards are perfect for men who have a patchy or scanty beard growth and also men who are just learning to grow and maintain facial hair.

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