7 Things That You Need To Know About A Beard Comb!


This article is dedicated to the men that just use their regular hair comb for the beard – Please, just stop! Your hair combs are unhygienic and just size appropriate for your hairstyling! When it comes to beard we introduce you to – the beard comb.

7 Things you should know about the beard comb!

1. The beard comb is usually a palm sized comb with rounder edges that is used for combing your beard only.

2. Occasionally you may use it for your moustache but your fingers are good enough for the moustache on a daily basis. The purpose of this comb is to cater to all the needs of your beard.

3. It helps detangle, spread the beard oil or beard balm evenly, style and even dry out the beard.

4. It helps you tame your beard and also makes sure you don’t end up using you haircomb for your beard. Your beard is on your face! You need to keep the area extremely hygienic guys!

5. Ideally start off with a wet beard after a bath. Combing upwards will help you fluff beard for trimming or nourishing.

6. It also helps for drying out. Combing downwards will help you tame it, bring it in a certain style and trimming as well depending on how you wish to trim it.

7. Apart from this combing helps you keep the beard nice and clean.


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