Why Do You Need A Clear Shaving Gel?

Shaving Gel


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Shaving gel is a gel that you apply on your face and/ or neck before you start shaving with a razor. The gel has a lathery effect and softens the hair for easy motion and quick shave. It also prevents cuts and roughness. Quality shaving gels also provide moisture.

A clear shaving gel is colourless and not lathery. It does not form any lather. You just apply it on your face and neck like a regular gel. You cannot even see it, so how does it make shaving easier?

What a gel does is that it instantly controls your facial hair, it is thick and so your beard comes under complete control and settles down. This is when you can easily identify the actual length and edges of the beard. You can identify any rogue hair and also define the shape of your beard. It is clear and thus all you see is the settled in hair. Your regular shaving cream/ gel or foam lathers white and is alright for clean shave but when you need styling and definite edges, it is impossible to identify how your blade is moving under the white foam!


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