What are Mutton Chops, The beard style?

What are Muttonchops, The beard styles

Mutton chops are a rugged style that was popular in the older days but are coming back into limelight. Along with several old school trends, this is also a trend that is coming back into fashion and here is all you need to know about this style.

Mutton Chops beard style For Men!
Mutton Chops beard style For Men In 2019

Let’s start with the basic structure of this style. It comprises of extended sideburns. The sideburns are extended such that they meet your moustache and still go lower to reach your chin. It is a fierce look with a strong sideburn growth. This look is old school and is coming back in fashion in the form of friendly mutton chops.

Mutton Chops - The beard style For Men
Mutton Chops - The beard style

For this look you need to grow out your sideburns as well as a fierce moustache. You can even just grow out a regular beard still attached to the sideburns and then style it up. Obviously trimming a beard into mutton chops style is easier than regularly trimming the new growth to the desired shape.

Mutton Chops - The beard style!
Mutton Chops beard style For Men

Start by growing our strong and long sideburns first. Keep it bushy and strong. Use beard oil to ensure that your growth is constant and also helps to increase the growth to a certain extent if the oil is natural. A great beard shampoo also helps in maintaining proper hygiene which will protect your face from clogged pores and keep it oil free to provide perfect environment for beard growth! Also simultaneously grow out a moustache. Your moustache can be thick or slim based on your personal choice but this style demands a thick growth. Most important thing to remember is that the moustache should be long and symmetrical as it has to meet your sideburns.

What are Mutton Chops - The beard style!
What are Mutton Chops - The beard style

Once your sideburns start getting wild, let it grow out into a nice strong stubble and then a beard. Once you have achieved the length you desire for the muttonchops you can start with the shaping by help of a trimmer. It is the classic style that comprises of long and fierce near hair. But you should style it as per personal choice. You need to start by identifying the imaginary line below your cheekbones that is connected to both sideburns and then trim along that line. Also this style is aggressive along both ends of the so make sure the growth is not trimmed down at the bottom.  However, the chin area has to be clean shaven. That brings out the exact shape of this style!

This style is very loud and also vintage. Older men should opt for this style and when younger men do, it should be the friendly muttonchops. Maintenance of this style is very important and thus regular trimming along areas that are meant to be clean shaven, is a must. Also, beard hygiene is very important as you go for a much fiercer look.

This look is suitable for all face structures but especially for round faces as it makes your face look narrower. But since it covers most of your lower face, it is great for any face structure except triangular face. This is because your face is already narrow at the top and heavy at the bottom and adding extra weightage to the bottom will make your face look bulky.



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