The Classic Van Dyke

The Classic Van Dyke Beard Styles

Classic Van Dyke is a vintage European inspired look. It symbolizes elegance and class. This look is very hot and trending amongst celebrities. It is the style statement for Johnny Depp!

This look takes your circle beard a step further. It is advisable to grow out a circle beard and then style it into a van dyke for trimming comfort. It comprises of a goatee and a dissociated moustache. Unlike the circle beard, the goatee and moustache are not attached in this look. The goatee can be longer and slimmer as per your hair growth and convenience. Also, the rest of your face must be clean shaven. A stubble is not okay with this look. It messes with the shape and style.

When coming to the moustache, this look requires a clean and sharp moustache with narrow ends. The shape of the moustache has to be precise because this is a classic Van Dyke style and in olden European days, moustache was a symbol of intellect and class.

It is a versatile look that goes well for younger men and even older men. But this style suits middle-aged men the most, in my opinion. It has a mischievous and young charm to it that adds to the sexiness of the look.

Van Dyke Beard styles


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