5 Types of Van Dyke Beard You Must Be Knowing

5 Types of Van Dykes Beard you must be knowing!

Van dyke is a cool trend and suits almost all men. It is a look especially for men that grow out a patchy or scanty beard. Johnny Depp often sports different types of Van Dykes Beard and carries it off really well.

Here are 5 Types of Van Dyke Beard you must be knowing

1) The classy Van Dyke –

In this look you will require a nice handlebar moustache to flaunt along with the beard. Your beard will be in the shape of an upside down Japanese fan that’s starts pointy at the centre below your lower lip and fans outward. Both ends will be joined around the neckline for a more curved effect. Moustache will be disconnected from the beard.

2) Pierce Brosnan Van Dyke –

This look is inspired by Pierce Brosnan. The handlebar moustache is thick and rugged. The beard is connected to the moustache where the upper lip ends. However, the speciality of this look is that he carries a trimmed beard or designer stubble as the base for this look. The Van Dyke is thicker and that thickness highlights the style. Rest of the beard is not shaved off.

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3) Jawline Van Dyke –

In this look, the face is clean shaven except for the moustache, soul patch as well as the line bordering the jawline. This look is easy to style as you just need to trace the jawline while trimming or shaving off the excess hair. This look works best with completely shaven face except the jawline and Dyke. It goes well if you wish to flaunt a Van Dyke without the handlebar moustache.

4) Anchor Van Dyke –

This look is perfect for men with scantier facial hair. Johnny Depp is often seen flaunting this look. The look is all about precision and edge. You may opt for a regular or a handlebar moustache however if you have a scanty beard, make sure your moustache is in proportion and not very thick. The shape is that of an anchor and the beard margin may or may not be attached to the moustache, it’s your call.

5) The full Van Dyke –

This beard comprises of a full beard with a pointy bottom along with a nice long and curved handlebar moustache. This look is for men who love growing out a nice thick and long beard. For this look, the moustache should be well trimmed and it is essential to use quality beard products for maintenance and hygiene.

Van Dyke styles are all about the shape of the moustache as well as the shape and length of the soul patch. However, it is nasty to manage it as facial hair starts growing out and that messes with the look so you need to be disciplined for this look.



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