Clean Shaven – A Beard Style ?

Clean Shaven – A Beard Style

Clean Shaven – A Beard Style

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Clean Shaven Look basically means a face devoid of facial hair i.e. a beard. Then what is so special about this look that most women prefer men to be clean shaven. Read on to understand what the aspects of a clean shaven face are!

Clean Shaven Style For Men

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To begin with, you need to first clean shave your beard entirely and reduce the size of your sideburns to at least medium length of not short. If you have a long face, keep it medium but otherwise you must keep it short. The width of your sideburns should be not more than 1.5 – 2cms depending upon the width of your face.

Next aspect to consider is the moustache. While the Clean Shaven Look implies absolutely no moustache as well, some men take the liberty of keeping a moustache. In that case, keep your moustache slim. Fat moustaches are not a part of clean shaven look.

Maintaining a clean shaven style is more demanding than you would imagine. You need to make sure you don’t grow out odd stubbles over your face or a trace of moustache if you are going for no moustache look. You need to make sure that you are clean shaven at all times and use a great smelling after shave compulsorily. After shave is an absolute must after each shave! Shaving foam smell is not the most attractive feature in a man. Also, you need to keep your nose hair and ear hair OFF THE GROUND! You must make sure you do not have visible nasal or ear hair.

It is very important to maintain facial hygiene when you are clean shaven because any acne breakout will be very much visible. There won’t be any beard to cover it up. Drink lots of water and wash your face regularly to keep it oil free. Use a good quality sun screen. It will protect your face from tanning and reddening.

This look is sharp and compliments men with confidence. Also, it is the only option that professionals who work in a strict work environment are left out with. It is important to be absolutely mentally prepared before shaving off your beard entirely because it takes several months of patience and hard work to grow out a beard. Also when you decide to grow out a beard again, you need to start off by applying beard oil regularly in just a very small quantity (1-2drops). The initial beard growth phase after a clean shave is awkward but worth it.


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