A Complete Guide To Grow, Trim & Maintain A Circle Beard

Circle Beard Styles

Growing A Circle Beard:

A circle beard is not a shape that can be acquired naturally. Your facial hair will never grow in the shape of a circle beard. What you need to remember is that you need a good hair growth around your chin and also a nice moustache. Circle beard is characterized by a nice thick moustache! That is the charm of this look!

Step 1: Grow out a nice medium beard with good thickness and length. This can be achieved by ensuring that your face is oil free and clean as much as possible. Natural beard oil is also very handy for improving the growth. Also, you require good trimming skills because it is all about the maintenance.

Step 2: Start growing out your stubble into a beard. At first, it is advisable to let the beard grow out a bit before you start shaping and trimming.

Step 3: At a length of about 1mm, you can start with shaping the beard. You will first need to mark the circular region of action. It is advisable to take professional help for first few tries as this shape is very hard to master.

Step 4: Trim around the edges of the marking very neatly, efficiently and patiently.

Step 5: Clean up and give the final touches by trimming out excess beard completely; leaving behind just the circular beard joined to your moustache.

Heavy Full Circle Beard Style For Men
Guide To Grow, Trim & Maintain A Circle Beard

Trimming A Circle Beard:

Trimming a circle beard is very important aspect of the circle beard. This is because in this look, it is advisable to not allow stubble to grow in. Many looks do well with stubble however this is not one of those looks as it has a character of its own.

For trimming, you will need a good pair of scissors and an excellent trimmer with shave adjustments that can indicate the closeness of shave.

Step 1: With the help of your scissors, first get rid of any excess or crooked hair in your moustache that sticks out and cannot be settled in.

Step 2: Trim the excess beard hair off your face as it grows out and a clean shave is the most ideal situation for rest of the face.

Step 3: Set the trimmer to a milder setting and trim over the moustache and beard simultaneously to ensure that the length for both remains the same. This is a very important point as hair grows out randomly and it is very important to maintain a uniform length for the look!

Circle Beard With Connected Sideburns
Circle Beard With A Disconnected mustache

Trimming regularly will ensure that your look lasts well and also very long.

A Complete Guide To Grow, Trim & Maintain A Extended Circle Beard
A Complete Guide To Grow, Trim & Maintain A Circle Beard

Maintaining A Circle Beard:

Maintaining the beard comprises of nourishment, hygiene and growth aspects of it. Some men love a full grown thick beard and this can be achieved with the help of essential beard oils especially in coconut flavor. Such natural oils give your hair a strong character, good texture and also improve growth!

Another important aspect to remember is that growth of hair is stunted if the pores on the face are blocked by oil and dirt. Thus, so one must regularly keep washing the face and keep it clean.

Combing and managing really helps improve growth and maintain a beard as it gets thicker. In this case the moustache is connected to the circle beard and thus as it is growing out before the beard, one must ensure that the moustache is shaped downwards from both ends accordingly. Regular combing also helps with maintenance.



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