5 Benefits Of Choosing Van Dyke Beard Style For You!


Van Dykes are really cool beard styles. There is a wide variety of styles in Van Dyke look and these styles are easy to learn as well as easy to carry off. Most men can carry off a Van Dyke with much elegance and sexiness.

Let us find out if this look is the right style for you. This look requires a goatee and a moustache. The face structure that goes perfect with a Van Dyke is round face. It helps to balance the roundness with the help of a narrow goatee. Men often opt for a slim rectangular or completely tapered goatee when they have a round face to balance the roundness.

However, this look is also great for angular faces. In this case it is preferable to grow a thicker goatee and moustache. When a thick goatee is trimmed down and narrowed it still has softness as it is thick around the lower lip. This will add softness to the face structure.

Thus, Van Dyke should be styled as per your face structure for the best look. It is important to have knowledge of the different styles of Van Dykes to choose the right one for your face.

The benefits of Van Dyke are as following:

1) This is a great look for men with scanty beard growth. This is because the goatee and moustache can just as well be narrow or scanty and the look still works well. Also men with patchy growth can opt for this look. Rest of the face is clean shaven. This look will save you from any kind of beard envy as you will look one of the coolest even though your growth is stunted.

2) This look is versatile. You can style it as per your face structure and thus obtain a look that suits you best.

3) With the help of a good trimmer, this look can be easily mastered as compared to most other looks.

4) Van Dyke is truly low maintenance. You just need to keep the edges defined by ensuring that rest of the face is clean shaven.

5) It has a raw and sexy charm to it that attracts a lot of women. This look is very Royal as well as charming.



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