7 Trendy & Stylish Van Dyke Beard Styles In 2020!

7 trending Van Dyke beard Styles

7 Trendy & Stylish Van Dyke Beard Styles
7 Trendy & Stylish Van Dyke Beard Styles In 2019
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7 Trendy & Stylish Van Dyke Beard Styles In 2019!

There is a wide variety of Van Dykes Beard Styles which have been inspired by the original Van Dyke. This is because it is basically a goatee and a moustache. There is not definite shape or length or thickness in the look that needs to be followed as a rule and thus this particular style has several options. One must know all styles to identify the look that will be most suitable for his face.

These are the 7 most popular Van Dykes Beard Styles.

1) Amateur Van Dyke

Van dyke beard look comprises of a rough newly grown moustache that is not well shaped or groomed along with a rough patch of beard around the chin. In this case, this look is for men who do not enjoy a good beard growth even in the chin area. This look is for the guys who do not enjoy a thick chin beard growth. The goatee is shaped roughly like an anchor but the entire look is not very neat and professional. It is a casual and youthful style of beard. The moustache and goatee will be detached.

You need to trim out two upside-down triangles below both ends of your lower lip thus leaving behind an anchor like shape. This look is suitable for all face structures but men with a round face must trim out in shape of a wave or curve rather than a triangle.

Also, for this look it is important to understand that it is a young look. Adults cannot carry off this look as effortlessly.

2) Salt and pepper Van Dykes Beard Style (Mature Van Dyke)

This look has been inspired by the mature men who haven’t lost their charm, wit and sex appeal. It is most suitable for fun loving older men with salt and pepper look going around their beard. For this look you need a thick handlebar moustache curled upwards neatly like a stack. This look really focuses on the strength and character of the moustache and thus it must be thick and shaped oh so well!

The goatee is around the chin and gathered below the lower lip. The moustache and goatee with be disconnected. This look just requires a good and thick beard growth as well as maintenance. It does not require trimming skills much so if that is your weak spot, this look is for you. You just need to define a shape for your goatee but it should be a thick goatee to compliment the moustache.

3) The Scanty Van Dyke

It is often preferred to have a Van Dyke in a thick growth however this is not always possible because of work commitments or any other form of restrictions. Thus we have the scanty Van Dyke. In this look, the beard growth need not be too thick or even too long. A long stubble is good enough for this look.

You need to trim out symmetrical triangular shaped patches from both ends of your lower lip. The moustache should be connected as the growth is already scanty. However alternatively, you may detach the goatee and the moustache. The look will still remain cool!

The length of the beard and moustache hair has to be consistent throughout and as the growth shoots up, regular trimming and styling will be required. Growth can be improved with the help of natural beard oils and maintaining good facial hygiene.

This look is suitable for almost everyone. However, older men should avoid this look as salt and pepper mixed with a scanty Van Dyke is not the best look you could opt for!

4) Van Dyke for the Reckless Men

This look is for the men who love to keep it casual. Also for them men who have this kind of a patchy growth suitable for the look. It comprises of three pieces. One being a rugged moustache which must be narrow as this look is very casual. Second being a small goatee/sole patch and final a small cover around the jaw line. This is a style often carried off by Johnny Depp. It is perfect for men with scanty growth especially if you do not have a strong growth in the chin area.

This look is suitable for all face structures as it does not have a definite shape but men with a square shape should avoid this look as your chin is comparatively very broad and this look will highlight exactly that feature.

This is a casual and unprofessional but stylish look. You cannot carry this look off at work. However, it has a good charm on women. It is considered sexy. Thanks to Johnny Depp often carrying off this look. The difference between this look and the amateur Van Dyke is that there are three distinct parts in this look which makes it more interesting.

5) Signature Jeremy Renner Style

This is a semi-formal style of Van Dyke. This look comprises of a goatee which almost entirely covers the chin. It can be achieved by trimming out the growth around both ends of your lower lip in an outward wave motion. This look can be carried off even when the length is not more than 2mm. Thus it is a semi-formal look.

The style is classy and elegant. It is great for semi-formal occasions when you wish to make a statement. The moustache should be of the same length as the goatee. The shape of the goatee is such that this look is very easy to master. You just need to ensure that the waves on both ends should match.

This look is great for all face types except ones with a broad chin. This is because it will accentuate the broadness of your chin.

6) Signature Ryan Gosling Style

This is a sexy, mature and classy Van dyke. Women swoon over this look especially because it is signature Ryan Gosling look. This style does not comprise of a clean shaven look but is still included in our list because it is a Van Dyke nonetheless. You have a nice thick moustache that tapers down towards both ends. You can chose to curl up the moustache for a more casual look but it is a better look to drop it down.

As for the goatee, you just need to trim out two equal patches below both ends of your bottom lip. If you face structure is round or oval, trim out in a wave motion thus forming a C-shape and reverse C-shape for the goatee. This will be attached to a chin curtain beard. But the chin curtain will be denser at the chin and narrow down as we move upwards. This look is suitable for all face structures and also great for men who have a patchy beard growth around the lips and cheek bones. It is smart, easy, rugged but also suave. It is edgier than all other Van Dykes.

7) Classic Van Dyke Style

This is the classic, vintage and original Van dyke style. Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan have all enjoyed this look and it is a marvel! This look is for adults only. Men who have crossed the age bar of 40years should opt for this look because it is a mature look.

It originally comprises of a strong handlebar moustache that is long and nicely curved up along with a goatee that is thick and tapering downwards. The added appeal is that the goatee is long. It crosses the jawline. In this look you may or may not find the stubble or beard variation wherein men grow out a stubble around as well.

However, this look has undergone revolution and now the handlebar moustache is replaced with a basic moustache that is grown downwards. The goatee is still supposed to be thick but most men don’t have a good growth in the center portion of their chin thus a smack patch can be left blank by trimming it into a good clean shape. This is the ideal salt and pepper look.

Van Dyke Beard Styles For Men

It is excellent choice for men with broad chins as the narrowing goatee extends beyond the chin line in a tapering style thus making your chin appear smaller. Men with very narrow chin should opt for this look if they can grow in a thick goatee. In fact this will balance out their face structure.

These are the 7 most popular Types of Van Dyke styles. As you must have noticed, there is no set uniform length or style that is required for a Van Dyke and that is the beauty of it. This beard is easy to master and a very cool style trend.

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