3 Reasons For You To Grow A Circle Beard

Does a circle beard suit you

A circle beard is a beard that is in a circular shape by merging the moustache with the beard. It is a style that requires good amount of efficiency and trimming skills but can be mastered and become your style statement.

This style is ideal for men with a round or oval face structure. Men with angular faces or sharp jaw lines cannot go for this look as it puts the face structure out of balance. That being said, this look is versatile. But there is an age restriction. It is not suitable for young college going guys because it is a more mature look. Men in 30s and onwards can carry of this look, no sweat.

Another aspect to consider is the growth of your beard. If you have scanty beard growth around your lips, or scanty moustache this look is not for you. Your beard growth should be concentrated and even around your chin area. If you have a patchy growth, you must wait for the beard in this region to grow out and then trim for the look.


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Maintenance of this beard is also difficult. The shape should be mastered and trimming should be done efficiently. So opt for this look if you have confidence on your trimming skills.

Here is why you should go for circle beard style :

1) It is not a common style because it requires a lot of efficiency and skill. People usually opt for easier styles and also the maintenance is not exactly effortless!

2) It has a rugged feel. This look is very mature and raw. It is for older men but not a boring style. This style has a charm to it. Makes men look sexy!

3) It is highly appreciated as it is indeed a tough look to master. The perfect circular beard is noticed and you will enjoy the limelight for your efforts.



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