From Full Beard To Stubble – Beard Trimming Style Guide

Fuller beard to a stubble beard!

This is for men with a full beast beard who wish to trim down or tone down the look. I understand that after putting in so much efforts it is nearly impossible to part from the beard and therefore here are steps or stages of beard that will make you enjoy the entire trimming experience. You will find individual blogs for all the styles mentioned below. Here begins the journey from Fuller beard to a stubble beard.

Fuller beard to a stubble beard

1) Beast beard –

Full grown thick beard as men dream of!

2) Ducktail beard

A cool and vintage style for older men. Start off by snipping out the excess hair around the beard and use beard wax to give it a better shape to taper it downwards. Also trim down around your moustache and chin area.

3) Hollywood beard look –

The classic Hollywood definition of a man’s beard. Let go of your side burns by trimming them downwards. The narrow bottom of the beard will also have to go. this beard concentrates around the jawline.

4) Classic Dutch Beard

The classic Dutch Beard like that of Abraham Lincoln. Also known as the Lincoln Beard. Start off by either cleaning off your moustache or slimming it down. For this look you will need to grow out some facial hair around the sideburn region so if you chose to follow this look after Hollywood style then make sure you don’t trim your side burns too short!

5) Short Boxed beard –

This is the basic short beard that goes well with any look. This look is preferred with a moustache for the box effect! You need to trim your beard closer in to your jawline as this is a narrower look. This look is ideal for chubby men who want to slim down their face!

5) The Goatee Beard

Time less style. The goatee can be mastered in any shape and size of your choice. You can go for the classis goatee or any variety of sole patch. For this you must trim down the excess beard around the cheeks and side burns as well as the neck. But make sure you don’t clean shave it as we still have some looks to go! Leave that moustache in!

6) Van Dyke Beard

The elegant and Royal look. For this you need to shape up your goatee by slimming it down to the exact shape of a van dyke. You need excellent trimmer and razor for the same. Keep your hand steady and use a clear gel for this look. It sure is a tough cookie to crack but definitely worth the effort!

7) Anchor beard look

This style is right next to your Van Dyke and brings out the charm in you! It is a much narrower van dyke in lose sense. Also your moustache will be slim. The patch on your chin will be slimmed down to resemble an anchor and your van dyke-tail will be snipped off for a more compact look.

8) Finally you come down to the basics – The Stubble.

As stated before, trim down the beard do not clean shave. That ensures you can enjoy the final stubble look. Starting off with heavy stubble and gradually moving on to designer stubble or medium stubble as per your choice finally ending with short stubble!

These styles will essentially help you make the most use of your full grown beard as well as give you the opportunity to try various styles. You can then identify the style that suits you best and then move ahead with it. Also, it is difficult and tedious to clean shave a full grown beard. This is the most effective way of doing the same. Your moustache styles may change as per your looks.



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