An Introduction To Circle Beard

Circle Beard

Circle beard has gained a lot of popularity after the popularity of the show ‘Breaking Bad’. It is basically a style of beard wherein the moustache is connected to the goatee thus forming a circular shape. This style of beard is suitable for young men as well as older men. It goes well for salt and pepper look too! So basically it is very versatile and cool looking beard.

The highlight of a circle beard is its moustache. The moustache should be nice and thick. Also, the growth should be good enough for it to be connected to your moustache for the final look. Moustache is the crown of this look and it is very important to grow out a good one first before you go for the look.

This beard suits really well on circular faces. This means that it is a good go to option for men with round faces. Also, it does good justice to oval face structures. Men with angular faces should avoid this look because it messes with the face structure. Your face is angular and the beard forces a circle on it which is just an odd mismatch. It balances the face structure of men with a round or even oval face shape and adds more depth to your face structure.


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It is a bit of a hassle to shape and maintain this look because it requires good amount of expertise and precision. However, once mastered, it can really give you the spotlight because people appreciate the effort involved in making the perfect circle beard.



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