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Chin Curtain Beard Style

A chin curtain is called so because it drapes the chin. This beard comprises of a very narrow beard growth starting above the jawline, just above the jawline, covering the jawline. This look is often combined with a soul patch and/ or a moustache.

The chin curtain is a look that can be pulled off only by the men with angular chin. This means men with diamond or heart shaped faces can pull this off so it’s basically a luxury. Not all men can carry it off. If men with rounder chins wish to pull this off, they need to have a goatee and also a designer stubble to give the face the sharp look!


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A Quick Guide to Chin Curtain Beard Styles
A Quick Guide to Chin Curtain Beard Style
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A Quick Guide to Chin Curtain Beard Style
Have scanty beard? Scanty growth? The chin curtain beard style is perfect look for you!
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