3 Steps To Achieve Perfect Chin Strap Beard

3 Steps To Achieve Perfect Chin Strap Beard

You need to start off with stubble. Grow a basic designer stubble and then follow the steps given below and grow Perfect Chin Strap Beard:

Stylish Chin Strap Beard Style
How To Style Chin Strap Beard With Moustache – Styling Guide

1) Wash your face well. This will help you get the proper trim and shave and also define the line.

2) Use a trimmer and trim out the excess hair to a shorter length so as to establish a boundary for a clear edged close shave.

3) Use clear gel to identify the hair growth as well as the edges. Now you need to visualize the look. Most men keep the strap even from the side burns up to the chin. This is a more classic as well as safe look as compared to changing the width of the strap. Then shave off the excess along the desired edge for a clean chin strap.

You my keep stubble with shorter length around the strap. Also the width of the strap may vary however it should not exceed 2-3 cms.in width.

Chin Strap Beard look works well at work place and also for parties. It is a boon for men with scantier beard that makes you look stylish!



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