Short Stubble – When can you carry this off?

Short stubble beard When can you carry this off

A short stubble is a stubble with length not more than 0.5cms. So what is the purpose of this beard? Originally this beard was just grown out because of lack of interest in shaving regularly. However it has now become a separate look. Men who wish to grow out a full beard carry off this look to get rid of any patchy growth. Also it works for offices. However for workplace a designer stubble is most preferable.

You need to start off with keeping your face clean all day long. Oiliness or dryness will stunt the growth. Along with that, this beard comes out in patches as it is truly stage 1, so it is very important to nourish using a good beard oil and a beard comb to gently even out the oil application as well as keep the beard on growth on point!

Black and white stripped t-shirt stubble beard look

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Older men often make this their signature look as it is easy maintenance and suits the salt and pepper hair. However, in case off others who consider the short stubble as just a phase to grow out thicker stubble or a fuller beard, can carry off this look with casuals preferably. This is a more informal look and if you are going to carry this to work then make sure that you give it sharp edges which means you shave off excess hair. This will put emphasis on the stubble even if it’s short and make it appear fuller.

This look is hard to carry as the initial growth is often awkward and you need to wait for the whole stubble to grow out. A neat trick is to grow out a moustache. That shifts attention on the moustache rather than the beard and also suits the look.



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