The Majestic Imperial Beard Style For Men to Try in 2020

The Majestic Imperial Beard

Imperial Beard is a very neat and smart style for men with scanty facial hair. Also this is a young look meaning that it has a young feel to it and not that it is for young men only. This style is great for men of all ages. It is a smart, charming and elegant style statement!

This style requires very little facial hair as it comprises of a handlebar or a petite handlebar moustache and a smart goatee right at the middle of your chin. It is a great style for men with round faces as it elongates the face and men with oval face can use this style to accentuate their structure. Men with edgy faces may avoid this style.

You need to start off by growing out your moustache and stubble at the same time as the thickness of the two will be the same. Use clear gel and a good trimmer to ensure you can get the shape right. The shape of the goatee is a bit tricky as it resembles a Grecian Urn. But the imperial beard style can be achieved with the help of clear gel. You can even use a marker at the stubble stage to draw on this shape, trim it out and then wash off the markings. But this shape has to be achieved at the stubble stage itself especially for the amateurs who are not so good with edgy shapes and styles.


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Regular use of natural beard oil will help to enhance the moustache and the goatee. You must use your fingers to curl up the ends of your moustache as it grows beyond your upper lip-line. Also you can alternatively choose to trim the ends first with the help of scissors and then twirl it upwards making it easier to manage and maintain without excessive use of products!

The imperial beard is a very cool and mature style that is suitable for all age groups despite not being a professional look. It is also easy to master and maintain all day long. This look is unique and also recently re-established as a cool style statement. This imperial beard style will definitely act as a conversation starter for you!



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