Are Short Beards The Style For You? A Quick Beard Style Guide!

Short beard styles are trending because they do not require a strong beard hair growth, excessive maintenance, expert styling techniques and also they do not interfere with your personal life. You may very well enjoy your bearded look without having to compromise much and almost effortlessly!

Van dyke, Imperial, Stubbles (Short, medium and thick), goatee, extended goatee etc. are just some of the options in case of shorter beard styles and you can opt for any style you like. There are also more complex styles like circle beard and anchor beard that require much more skill and are a bit more high maintenance than the rest. However you need to first identify whether short beards are the style for you.


Short beards essentially comprise of a beard style that does not have a strong coverage all over your face and also the length of the beard hair is considerably short. This style is great for men who have a professional lifestyle and also the ones that do not enjoy a strong beard hair growth. Shorter styles need to be more precise and cut throat.

If you have a diamond or an oval face structure, you can blindly opt for the short beard styles because these styles will only accentuate your best features however if you have a round face especially, it is harder for you. In this case you should go for certain precise set of short beards like van dyke, anchor and extended goatee. Also a handlebar moustache is a great look with short beard style for men with round face frame.


Moustaches are a great part of short beards. They bring out the style in the beard and also give you the edge to help you make up for the length of the beard. Handlebar, el bandito, walrus etc. are all great moustache style for men who opt for shorter beards. It is very important for you to maintain the style and length of your beard with the help of quality beard oil and an excellent trimmer with adjustable blades.

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