The Female Magnet – Bandholz Beard Style For Men In 2020


The Female Magnet – Bandholz Beard

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The Bandholz Beard Style is truly the most charming and attractive beard on men. It is a female magnet with all the charisma and also pretty much uncommon. This style is sure to throw you in the limelight and here is how you can achieve this look.

This style requires a strong amount of beard growth. Also it is an aggressive look. So you must understand that you beard growth cannot be scanty for this look. A medium growth is also good enough for this look because with the following tricks you can transform that into a cool Bandholz.

Bandholz Beard Style For Men

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The tricks are as following:

1. As your beard is growing out use good amount of natural beard oil preferably olive and coconut based because that will give your beard strength and enhanced growth

2. Trim your beard every 2-3 days. Trimming essentially cuts off the narrow tips of the hair and exposes the thicker mid-region instead which makes your beard appear thicker

3. Beard oil adds thickness and definition to the beard. So does beard wax and mousse. They make your beard appear much thicker. You can also obtain dyed mousse and wax for a shade that best matches your beard hair shade.

4. Make sure you comb your hair after applying beard oil or any product to ensure that it spreads evenly. Also the comb will massage your roots and increase strength of the beard as well as its growth.

Once you obtain the desired growth to commence towards the Bandholz, make sure you buy yourself the perfect beard kit that should include an adjustable trimmer, pair of small scissors, beard and moustache comb, clear shaving gel, small mirror, beard brush, beard oil, beard wax and mousse, if you have not already. Never proceed towards this beard without the proper kit.

You need the thick handlebar moustache for this look. The moustache has to be aggressive and yet very neat and disciplined. Make sure you use good amount of beard oil even for the moustache and check out our blog about handlebar moustache for more details regarding the same.

The Female Magnet – Bandholz Beard Style For Men In 2019
The Female Magnet – Bandholz Beard Style For Men In 2019!

The beard is a bit tricky. It has to grow out with the moustache and so the trimmer is of great use in this case. You growth may also not be consistent all over your face but you must get past the awkward phase and grow out the beard entirely. Once it is thick enough the bald patches will disappear. Use good amount of beard oil every night but only after you have washed your beard clean with beard shampoo and then dried it off by combing it. This will nourish the beard all night long and also the hair growth is strongest at night.

Once the final thickness and style is achieved, you must ensure that although this is an aggressive look, the edges are very clean. Use a clear shaving gel and razor to clean shave the un-required patch of hair. Clear gel will provide you with a much better guidance. You can also alternatively keep the borders clean from the start.

Finally, the most important aspect of this style is the rugged and perfectly faulty ends of the beard. For this use your index finger and thumb to pinch out the ends of the beard throughout for a more rugged and dirty look. This is something you may have to do more than once a day to maintain the genuine style.



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