What Brings The Best Beard and Hairstyle Combination!

Choose Your Face shape & get the best possible Beard & Hairstyle Combination

Beard And Hairstyle Combination

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Your beard look is greatly influenced by your face shape and personality and yet the most important influence on your final look is surprisingly, your hairstyle! Your Beard and Hairstyle, helps in restructuring your face to a large extent. There are several hairstyles that change your final look and affect your personality. They influence the way people perceive you. Thus, it is important to understand the compatibility between a beard style with a hairstyle to understand what is a good look that combines these two styles in the best possible combination for you!

So What Brings The Best Beard and Hairstyle Combination!

Beard & Hairstyle Combination For Men In 2019

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1) Face structures

Face structures greatly impact the beard as well as hairstyle look. If you have a round face, you should opt for a fluff up hairstyle that makes your face look longer. To match that up, you need a bit long and tapering beard that will again have the same impact on your face shape. If you have a stout beard then the hairstyle alone will not be able to achieve the desired look and you might end up looking disfigured. So Ducktail, Imperial Van Dykes are all good options for you.

Similarly for an oval face shape, any style of hairstyle is compatible and thus your beard should be in sync with the style only. Your face shape is versatile already. So if you go for a fluffy hairstyle then go for a stout beard or your face will look too long. If you go for a flatter hairstyle you have the choice of a stout or longer beard. Circle beard, Balbo beard and anchor beards are go-to styles for you.

What Brings The Best Beard and Hairstyle Combination!
Best Beard and Hairstyle Combination!

For a square shape, you need a wavy style with more hair along the top center region of your heard. As for your beard, circle beard or even Goatee, Van Dyke, Anchor are good styles for you. Basically you need styles that will help balance your chin structure with your hairstyle and the overall face structure. These styles will help take the edge off and give you a more balanced look.

What Brings The Beard and Hairstyle Combination!
What Brings The Best Beard and Hairstyle Combination

For heart shaped, you need something that will go well with your chin shape. So you should go for a tapering style like a Van Dyke or goatee if you opt for a thicker and fluffy hairstyle. But if you opt for a flatter style, you should go for stubble, chin curtain, circle beard etc.

Diamond shaped face structures should take utmost care of their beard and hairstyle because they can really look great if they have the style right. You should opt for a style that accentuates your stubble. So keep your hairstyle mild. A very basic style with short hair and keep your beard style a stubble, goatee, soul patch. Something that will highlight your jawline.

2) Growth

It is important to be reasonable and consider the growth aspect for hairstyle and beard. So there are several variations regarding the growth and here is how they are majorly classified:

a) When you have a thick beard growth but a balding head. This is a very common phenomenon because of work stress and just bad eating habits, increased levels of pollution etc. people are losing hair at a pretty early age. Well if you have a supportive beard growth, it’s still great for you as you can change this into a cool help style. What you must remember is that a balding head is often perceived as too mature and old so you must go for younger and fuller beard styles like Bandholz, Garibaldi, Dutch, French Fork, Ducktail etc. If you do not have a strong beard growth you may still opt for a nice strong Van Dyke with an aggressive moustache or a thick stubble. Make sure you avoid the mature styles like circle beard and muttonchops because the aim here is to balance out the mature balding head!

b) When you have a strong hair game but not so much on the beard front. Well, in this case you need to make up for your beard patchiness with the help of your hairstyle. The high Pompadour, Long wavy hair with short sides, long wavy hair in a high fade etc. are the styles that will really drag the attention to your hairstyle and your beard will then just be complimentary style. You can opt for Van Dyke or goatee but make sure you grow out a decent moustache and this look will help you cover up the beard patchiness.

c) Well what if you are unfortunate with both hair and beard? You can still find your personal best with the right styles. As for your hairstyle go for a waxy look because waves tend to poof up your hairstyle and make your hair appear thicker. Make sure you never ever straighten your hair, that’s just the biggest fashion mistake you can do for your scanty hair. As for your beard, you must try and grow out a strong moustache because if you have that you may just as well go around clean shaven. However, if that is not working out for you, you can try goatee or a sole patch.

d) Finally if you are the blessed guy with strong hairstyle as well as beard game, you can opt for several styles. there is no such concept as too much hair but you must make sure that if you are going for an out of bed aggressive beast beard then you must style you hair fashionably and vice versa otherwise you will end up looking like a giant hairball!

3) Personality and environment

These are the two aspects that have to be properly understood as well. As far as your personality goes, the rule is simple, if your wardrobe is full of casual outfits, go for a casual style for your beard but fancy stylish hairstyle. If you wardrobe is full of formal attire, go for a mild hairstyle that can be easily gelled in and controlled but with a classy beard style that is subtle yet attractive.

For a casual look you can opt for something with longer beard growth and stylish trimmed hairstyle but for a formal look you need subtle yet classy styles.

Environment plays a role in deciding your style as well. You cannot go for man bun and bandholz if you are a professional at a MNC. You need a stubble or maybe a short van dyke along with nicely trimmed and short hairstyle with controlled sideburns of medium to short length. Similarly, if you are in college, you must go for simpler beard styles like sole patch or anchor or even a stubble because other beard styles will make you look old. As for your hairstyle, you must opt for cooler styles like Pompadours.



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