A Complete Guide For The 5 Balanced Beard Looks In 2020


The shorter long beard is basically a medium beard with the illusion of a long beard. These styles are great for a strong beard game with much less maintenance and mess. Also these styles are great for men that do not enjoy a strong beard growth. Here are the beard styles that are classified under this category.

Read our individual blogs about the same for an in depth idea regarding the styling and maintenance of these beard styles!

1. Ducktail Beard

Ducktail beard is the stylish yet convenient beard style that is perfect for men who enjoy their beards and yet are bound by time constraints. It is low maintenance and also a very simple style to master. This is one of the most popular beard styles and rightly so because it is a very young and smart look.

ducktail beard style for men

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2. French Fork

The French fork is a more stylish version of the ducktail beard. It escalates the ducktail beard for a more mature yet playful look. The French fork is a stylish look with the added bonus of a unique style that will be much less common than the ducktail. It is easy to master and surely gives you an edge quite effortlessly.

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3. Imperial Beard

The imperial beard is one of the best beard styles for men with scanty hair growth. It is elegant and classy. However this style requires some amount of precision and expertise with regard to the styling and trimming aspect. Also the additional moustache extravagance may come off as too much effort but this look is totally worth it and also much easier to maintain than all extravagant beard styles. The imperial beard is also acceptable in many professional organizations.

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4. Circle Beard

The circle beard is one of the most tricky beard styles there is because it requires absolute precision of shape and style. The shape of the beard has to be perfectly circular and this is the reason why most men avoid this style. There is a certain way to achieve this shape and you must check out our blog for the same to get a clearer picture. This style is mature and smart. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent times on account of its consistent appearances in several TV shows as well as movies.

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5. Verdi Beard

The Verdi beard is the most aggressive beard of this lot. It comprises of a nice thick beard and a long handlebar moustache. Yet it is categorized here because this style is not as aggressive as Bandholz or Garibaldi. It is a much more subtle and classy style statement with masculinity at its highest without having to handle messy thicker beards like Bandholz. While this style is ideally not at all acceptable in professional environment, it is a great style statement for all other occasions. Growth is in its natural form and maintenance requires only basic trimming.


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Guide For The 5 Balanced Beard Looks
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